And The Point Is?… Beyond Duality




Are you consciously creating your life? Do you know who you are and what you really want, or are you operating from Belief Systems you have uncounsciously acquired through the course of your life?
This book is for those who wish to gain greater self-awareness in order to become the conscious creators of their lives. It’s for those seeking empowerment and methods to learn HOW to empower themselves.

If you wish to gain the following, you will benifit from this book:

Physical, mental, emotional, and spritual health
Learn to move beyond your emotions and childish adult ego
Release the past to refocus your energy on the present
Make choices rather than decisions
Take responsibility for every aspect of your life
Overcome fear to achieve personal freedom
Clarity of purpose
Personal empowerment

This book is a pre-curser to a series of interactive group courses that help individuals comprehend, in every cell of their bodies, the beliefs and issues that dictate their lives. Through a process that incorporates traditional and unique energy methods, individuals learn how to release beliefs that are holding them back from their desires and refocus their energy on the conscious creation of their lives.


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