Busting Out of The Matrix… Be Free

What could I call it? It is Cellular Memory! I discovered within me, I had all the recordings of my life and my lifetimes.
A sort of history channel all inside of me! You do too!

And the best part is that you have, like me and everyone, many channels of Cellular Memory including your DNA and your Akashic Records. Hmmmm! Your amazing tell-all history channels.

In Duality, leadership is based upon control and manipulation… with the same edict… you have to follow, comply, fit in, and don’t make waves. Never question the belief system and what is being taught even if it is outdated information. Another startling fact about Duality is that every so often, by manipulating “leadership,” the facts of the past are changed, denied, and pretended that things did not go down that way.

“Today all over this planet humans are being held hostage. It’s time to WAKE-UP! Shake off the bondage chains which until now, have become physical and more controlling than ever. Stand up for Your Self and say YES to YOU BECOMING YOU! Read it or not, this book will rocket you out of Duality or not! Your choice! Always!”
—Dr. Alina Ruta

Sherry Anshara, known as a Consciousness Expert, Speaker, Internationally Best-Selling Author, and Teacher, is sought after for her knowledge, wisdom & healing information.

She is the creator of the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance. Through her guidance thousands of her clients have connected to their intelligence and intellect, their pure clear Cellular Memories within their own bodies to release disease, illnesses, and dysfunctions. They liberate them Selves from the limitations of the Duality Fear Programs. They are freed from the grip of their unconscious Duality past(s) and become truly present to live free and create their lives freely!

Are you ready to “Break Out of the Matrix and Become Free?

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Take Back Your Power—You Becoming You by Sherry Anshara

What happens when you get all the answers you’ve been searching for? Does life make sense? Do you find meaning, purpose and happiness, even joy? YES!!…you do!

And here’s the great news…you don’t have to experience a broken back, a broken neck, a smashed head, a brain out of place, being homeless and down to your last $50, or have 4 Near-Death Experiences to find out. Sherry Anshara went through all these trauma dramas and healed herself and her life through her self-invented Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance. The information shared in this book, expanded through 27 years of her journey, is intended to support and assist you to heal and move beyond any and all of the beliefs you have been taught to limit your Self as less than, not good enough, not deserving, etc.!

As you journey beyond this Dualistic Paradigm, you will find that YOUR POWER IS WITHIN! There is no veil, no curtain, no wall…YOU ARE ALL THAT MATTERS FROM THE INSIDE OUT! It is time to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER and become UNLIMITED YOU!

The Intelligence Code: How the QuantumPathic Energy Method Transformed 14 Lives

You don’t have to exist any longer with frustration, disappointment, depression, anxiety, fear, or any dysfunctional relationships (personal or professional). You don’t have to do “it” anymore. This book shares the journey of 14 people through their experience of working with Sherry Anshara using The Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance (formerly known as the QuantumPathic® Energy Method). “I didn’t know I could make significant changes in my life. I didn’t know how easy it could be. I just thought I was stuck with my life the way it was. I believed I had to work hard for a living…but was this really living?! And I had no idea how to make relationships work well. I didn’t know they could! What I discovered is that there IS a way.” These 14 people had nothing in common…EXCEPT they did not know that they could change what wasn’t working for them. They did not know it was even possible. And they did not know they could have GREAT relationships. So, though we think we are different from everyone, at the core we still have the same questions. Why isn’t my life working? But now there is more than hope…there is a way. You can do what these 14 people did! The best thing about The Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance is that you can quickly stop living the lie that you can’t make your life the way you’d love it. You can enjoy your life without trauma or drama by connecting with your real intelligence and taking back your power!

And the Point Is?… Beyond Duality

Are you consciously creating your life? Do you know who you are and what you really want, or are you operating from Belief Systems you have uncounsciously acquired through the course of your life?
This book is for those who wish to gain greater self-awareness in order to become the conscious creators of their lives. It’s for those seeking empowerment and methods to learn HOW to empower themselves.

If you wish to gain the following, you will benifit from this book:

Physical, mental, emotional, and spritual health
Learn to move beyond your emotions and childish adult ego
Release the past to refocus your energy on the present
Make choices rather than decisions
Take responsibility for every aspect of your life
Overcome fear to achieve personal freedom
Clarity of purpose
Personal empowerment

This book is a pre-curser to a series of interactive group courses that help individuals comprehend, in every cell of their bodies, the beliefs and issues that dictate their lives. Through a process that incorporates traditional and unique energy methods, individuals learn how to release beliefs that are holding them back from their desires and refocus their energy on the conscious creation of their lives.


“Make each moment count… because each moment belongs to you!” ~ Sherryism The focus of this Sherryism Book is for you, the reader, to “listen”, “observe” and perhaps view life through more expanded lenses of language and words. What is underlying the “face value” of statements? Let these Sherryisms support you to visualize your life by expanding your vision of life and what life can mean for you… Full of Meaning! Enjoy!