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“Sherry Anshara is the most remarkable medical intuitive/healer that I have met in my life. She is the creator of a unique process that unlocks deep-seated emotional pain, stress and trauma by facilitating the release of core issues that reside in the body.”

Dwight McKee, M.D., C.N.S., A.B.I.H.M.


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“Sherry has assisted over 500 of my patients with various physical health issues including stress, anxiety, depression, pain and digestive disorders. Her workshops are unique because not only can you get to the root cause quickly but long-standing issues can often be resolved when other modalities have failed.”

Anup Kanodia, MD/MPH

“For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with painful emotional patterns, which kept me locked in a series of repeated behaviors which did not serve me. Without being fully conscious of how these patterns played out or what drove them, I only knew that something was seriously wrong, as I suffered again and again in the same old ways.

After a lifetime of searching, I have found healing, freedom, and peace. Sherry Anshara’s process is the most powerful aid I have experienced in freeing me from a lifetime of emotional pain. It is life affirming and effective in clearing old emotional wounds and reclaiming life and personal power. Everything is different now.”

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What’s Different About the Anshara AHA! Method®?

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All illness has one thing in common… the cellular memory of the emotional and physical pain, whether it’s stress, anxiety, depression, cancer, PTSD, fibromyalgia, and the list goes on. Through the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing, within 10 minutes or less, you begin to resolve and dissolve the root cause of the painful symptoms’ issue. The Anshara Method is the quickest shortcut out of old traumas, unwanted limitations, negative thought patterns, and toxic behavior which have been imprinted in your body since conception. This transformative process creates a healing “cellular wave” from your inside to your outside world so that you can become truly healthy and happy in your personal and professional relationships and enjoy a success-filled life.

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For over 31 years, Sherry Anshara has utilized her Medical Intuitive skills…first to heal her own broken back, broken neck, smashed head, and her brain out of place…and then to assist thousands of people worldwide to heal their bodies and their lives of illness, disease, and traumas. Her clients discover that healing does not take a long time when Sherry Anshara assists them to get to the core of the why and when the issues began. She calls her methodology the Anshara AHA! Method®.