Take Back Your Power—You Becoming You By Sherry Anshara




What happens when you get all the answers you’ve been searching for? Does life make sense? Do you find meaning, purpose and happiness, even joy? YES!!…you do!

And here’s the great news…you don’t have to experience a broken back, a broken neck, a smashed head, a brain out of place, being homeless and down to your last $50, or have 4 Near-Death Experiences to find out. Sherry Anshara went through all these trauma dramas and healed herself and her life through her self-invented Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance. The information shared in this book, expanded through 27 years of her journey, is intended to support and assist you to heal and move beyond any and all of the beliefs you have been taught to limit your Self as less than, not good enough, not deserving, etc.!

As you journey beyond this Dualistic Paradigm, you will find that YOUR POWER IS WITHIN! There is no veil, no curtain, no wall…YOU ARE ALL THAT MATTERS FROM THE INSIDE OUT! It is time to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER and become UNLIMITED YOU!


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