In the current fear-state of the economy, it is a challenge not to feel overwhelmed and overburdened; however, there is more than light at the end of the tunnel. When you are coming from an unburdened, creative, free-flowing consciousness, there is no tunnel; only laser-focused direction – without the turmoil of impending disaster.

Letting go of the “Titanic Mentality” and having an open perspective allows you to find and attract avenues for doing business from many directions. Right now, the timing is perfect to see the opportunities that are available through your normal channels and to look for brand new opportunities.

Consider this option: Instead of the usual networking groups with the same 30-second elevator speeches, consider connecting with five of your best clients, or five of your best associates for a brain storming think tank. Share your cumulative wealth of knowledge with each other. This valuable exchange of experience can generate new ideas for increasing each other’s business. The time is right to invent new ways of doing business and new business relationships.

Even in the Titanic there were survivors; although, survival is not the place to put your energy. Survival drains your life force. Practical creativity with the focus on achievable business and financial results is the only place to infuse your energy. Survival is not a consciousness of growth; it is just fear based status quo, and status quo is flat line!
The energy of focused creativity, especially when fueled by a laser-focused group consciousness invested in multi-directional expansion automatically achieves successful results.

You’ve heard the old axiom, “Two heads are better than one.” Well, let’s consider, “More clear minds with clear intentions are better than one!” Ponder the old and new paradigms:

The Old Paradigm Vs. the New Paradigm

What’s in it for me? Vs. What’s in it for us?!
Separation rules! Vs. Connection works.
                                                                Rigid – “It has always been this way”. Vs. Fluid – Creating the flow.                                               Boxed in and limited. Vs. Expansive and unlimited.

This is not the time to sink or swim in the survival mentality of “the way things were.” Instead, focus on what you can do more of that works now, and let go of what is not working. Don’t belabor the “what isn’t working!”

Become open to new ideas and new ways of doing business. Free yourself from survival thinking and look for new ways to create group synergy as a power source to move you and your business forward to create the results you require.
What results do you require and desire for your business and your Self?

The answer is in the question.

Sherry Anshara

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