Have you ever thought of why things happen to you?  Have you ever thought, what is it all about?  Have you ever thought…can this really be happening to me?  These questions and more are asked by many, even if there seems to be no logical answers!

The miraculous point is that there are logical answers to these questions.  You just have to be willing to see all sides of the situations, conditions or events of the happening.

Yes, we may understand there is a point of “getting the lessons”.  But what if there was more to the point then just the lesson.  What if, there were many points, and that the many points may take some “linear” time to enfold.  Contrary to popular belief, our Universe is more than just a One Verse.  The concept of a One Universe is expanding through the scientific research that perhaps we live in a Multi-verse, instead of a limited One-iverse.  In that case, translating the physicality and the metaphor of this shift in perspective, then maybe all of your experiences are multi-faceted.  In this perspective, then maybe, your experiences hold more than one lesson to one event, condition or situation.

Perhaps, you might view that your experiences have more dimensions to them than meets the eye.  For example, have you ever wondered why you met a certain person at an event, meeting or chance encounter? Then, as you developed your relationship with that person, more came out of the connection that you could have ever imagined?  May be you met someone else through that connection.  Maybe that connection helped you in your business.  Maybe you developed a long term partnership.  Maybe you learned more about yourself.  Maybe you learned more about a subject.  And maybe, there was so more from that relationship than you ever perceived!

These seem like a lot of maybes, but perhaps you might begin to look more deeply into your life, your relationships, your encounters and your experiences to see how much has been added to you life, but meeting that one person.  It doesn’t have to be about one thing or one lesson, but your experiences through the connection may have brought you multiple faceted experiences that gave you many experiences throughout your life.

Looking more deeply into your life and your past, might reveal to you that you actually had more opportunities, more experiences and more relationships because of that one encounter with an individual who came into your life at that perfect time.  You may find you reaped more benefits, more positive paybacks, more of everything because of that one connection.

Stop limiting your thinking about your Self and your life.  Stop limiting your perspectives about what you are getting from life.  Stop limiting your thinking…period!  You have so gained so much knowledge from all your connections throughout your life.

Look back and see where you have come, what determination you had to get to this point in your life.  Be amazed at yourself for what you have created.  Look back, not for negative lessons that you have learned, but reflect back and see all the encounters, chance meetings and relationships as the eventful multi-facted incidents that helped you grow, that helped you understand a little better about life, and that expanded your horizons through all those special connections that showed you how multi-faceted you really are.  You are not limited!  Never have been!  Look through your past to see all your accomplishments.  Look to your future to see your world as a place yet to create more positive experiences and events for yourself.

Life is not about one thing, one lesson, one relationship, one encounter.  Life is about all the things that have happened to you.  Life is about all the experiences you have had.  Life is about how you have really handled that… “what and why this is happening to me.”  If you look back without a negative view of your past and past experiences, you will see that it was more than all these limited questions.

You will see that every experience and every encounter happened perfectly in that space and time, when you were ready for them, even when you couldn’t see it at the time.  Now see your past as a blessing, no matter what.  You are a better multi-faceted person because of your past.  Give your Self kudos and congratulations for making it on your own!  Give thanks to those you helped you along the way, even though it didn’t appear anyone was helping you along your journey.  Give your Self a multi-view of your life and stop seeing limitations.  See your world, your Universe as Multi and see the multiplicity of your creativity as unlimited.  Your future is more, not less. Your creativity is boundless!  Your life is a wealth of diversity.  So prosper your life in all ways always! You are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and multi-creative!