From your cells point of view, they “do” what you have accepted as a Belief System. Whether it is good, bad, or indifferent, your cells have to go along with what you have agreed and contracted as a Belief System.   Why, because your cells are imprinted and impacted by how you interpret the information that you are taking into your body.  Through your interpretation is the reality you create for your cells. 

The question is… is your reality based upon a truth that enhances your life, your creativity, or is your reality founded upon a Belief System that drags you through trauma/dramas, illness, and giving your power away.  When you have accepted a Belief System that is infused with a fear-filled low based frequency of consciousness, you have simultaneously embedded this fear-based low-frequency Belief System into your cells.

Regardless of the time frame and place in your continuum, you both accepted and embedded simultaneously in your cellular memory this Belief System to which you vibrate from life-time to lifetime.  How can that be?  Easily! Why? The 3rd Dimensional Duality Reality dictates the perpetuation of the irrational, nonsensical Karma, Lessons and Reincarnation Programming.  You are what you take in and keep as a Belief System. Your life is the result.  Duality is the confined restricted space of reality in which the continuing continuous continues. 

It is not… “what you see is what you get”.  Your reality is the product of your Belief Systems.  The B.S. is the influencing factor for you to Belief System your reality of limitation.  So what you get or can’t get “  is completely determined by the Belief System embedded in your cells.  Getting” or “Not Getting” are the results or manifestations of all the whats your collective consciousness in your cells formulate to make the situations in your life.  It is that simple.  

You do the doing because your cells, whether it is good for you or your life, are just doing what you “think” in your computer run brain says is your reality… rational or not.  Your emotional body without clear rationale is the force that then propels you through this false reality.  You are entangled in irrational Belief Systems that must unclearly create a limited, suppressive fear-based reality.  

Your cells’ health suffers as you suffer through life.  What does the suffering look like?  Suffering comes in all victim formulas that resonates the same message…never good enough.  The irrational internalized suppression Duality Belief Systems, the B.S. are not consciousness, yet these Duality programs become the way of life. Although it is not really living, you “think-thinky” this is life/!  

Quote of Thomas Campbell

All emotional and physical suppression in your body is the direct result of your limited interpretations and unclear perceptions governed by your fear-filled Belief Systems that simply state… “you are not good enough”. There is also the dangling carrot that states… “that you can be good enough for a while, but it definitely will not last.”  

The emotional and physical results could be illness, depression, or simply described as a disempowering way of life.  Non-productive, just existing, going through life without focused direction, without the full use of your creativity. No fun, no joy just perhaps intermittent hits of illation to be crashed by your Belief Systems.  The B.S. Programs for Sale or Rent that state; life is tough, life is the school of hard knocks, too good to be true, won’t last, it is the way it is or some nonsense that never makes any sense. 

Your cells have to live through all your trauma dramas, all your limitations.  All because you allow your computer brain to run the Self-Judgment, Self-Lack, and Self-Take-Away Programs that you buy or rent from life-time to lifetime.  Can you imagine if you got out of your thinky-thinky computer brain, used it as a tool, and see what you might conceive for your Self if you are free of the programs?  

Please wonder what it would be like. Now is your chance to override the computer brain and get into your heart.  Listen to the cells of your heart.  They have been waiting a long time to talk with you.  If you think your cells can’t talk to you, then you don’t have a chance to change and let go of the limitations.  Fear-filled to fearless is a giant step from the Head to the Heart!

The message of this article is not to change your Belief Systems.  The message of this book is for you to ask your Self… “Do your Belief Systems prevent you from BELIEVING in your Self?  If they do, then ask your Self why do you Belief System them?

“Perceptions are emotional. Perspectives are facts! Stick to the facts otherwise, you get the trauma dramas stuck in your “jailed” cells”
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