What?  How can your Cellular Memory contribute to your Anti-Aging?  OMG in so many ways! Your clear, perfect, fabulous Cellular Memory support you, assist you to “stop” your aging process?  Again in so many ways!

After my Near Death Experience in 1991, as I was laying in the hospital with dire “predictions” of my life, which was not very exciting at all, I looked at my right arm!  It happened to be an area of my body that didn’t appear to have any damage from my incredible life-altering “accident”!  Hmmmm!  I somehow consciously connected to my arm, and the words… Cellular Memory! 

This information, at first, is what?  Then I asked my Self, if I cut my arm, even if I don’t administer an antibiotic cream, it will heal.  It may scar or not!  Curious I considered.  Why does the body scar or not?  This particular question would be answered to my Self many many times.  The answer always came back with the same answer… Cellular Memory. 

I asked further this question to my body.  My body replied… the scar is the Cellular Memorization of trauma in the tissues.  What?  After many months, yes, many months, my body began to provide me with more and more answers.  The Scar Issue is what?  

The scar turned out to be emotional!  Hmmmm!  Emotional???  Emotional scars, physical scars…SCARS!  They are interrelated.  The Scar is the trauma and the drama attached to each other.  Sometimes the scars are visible.  Most of the time the scars are invisible…yet they impact a person or persons from the inside out.  

The most momentous AHA moment, when I realized with “real eyes” that the emotional attachments, which are physical, have an event, timeline, perceptions, and “a person or people” attached to a particular incident.  These perceptions, which are the receptions of the conceptions of the deceptions that occur from the traumas and the dramas are very very emotionally challenged and emotionally stuck in the body.  

These traumas stay stuck, though they may no longer be visible to the naked eye, they are very visible in the physical and emotional re-actions in a current time line.  In fact, they can be traced from the moment of the emotional trauma directly to the present moments. Yes, Cellular Memorization are directly connected and impacted by these experiences.  

These re-actions are very emotional, very physical, and very repeatable.  Very repeatably sad also! These emotional/physical traumas can suck the life out of you, me, and anyone.  These trauma/dramas are predicated on the impact of these Duality Cellular Memorizations. The experiences of these Cellular Memorized trauma dramas affect, effect, and infect the physical human body.  How?  

These physical and emotional experiences have resonance all to themselves.  These emotional resonances have a huge impact on the health of your body, your body, and everyone’s body.  What are the impacts? They are diseases, illnesses, sicknesses.  They create the physical and emotional breakdown of your cells, molecules, particles to the subatomic level of you. These issues in your tissues age you!

Where ever your body is the weakest, the most impacted by these traumatic Cellular Memorization issues emotionally, physically, spiritually (common sense), mentally (in your left computer ½ brain), and financially (what is the cost to you to be sick and loose time in your life) the life is drained from you little by little. These issues in your tissues age you!!

When my clients fill out my intake sheet, which lists their issues in their tissues, from A to Z, “di”agnosed by their healthcare provider, I always always ask… “When did “it” start?”  They always answer they have just been “di”agnosed!  Again and always, the illness, the disease, the issues in the tissues can begin as soon as the “sperm hits the egg” and you are here. By into the “di”agnosis and these issues in your tissues age you!!!

Disease, illness, sickness can take years to appear on a test, x-ray, CT Scan, MRI, blood work, etc.  It is a journey for the body from beginning to diagnosis to the end!   All through the emotional physical journey how the Cellular Memorizations of the trauma dramas influences the body is in direct correlation to the “aging” process within the body.

The more trauma dramas, the more the resonance of healthy is reduced. The reduction point, when the body can no longer tolerate the suppression of your perfect Cellular Memory of health and vibrancy within each cell, molecule, particle to the subatomic level, the body’s immune system is challenged beyond its human capacity to fight off illness, regardless of the label. 

A particular label of illness is within the physical body where a particular area, or specific areas in the body, including organs, systems, places, and spaces, they are all interrelated to specific physical and emotional traumas within the Cellular Structures of the body. Sometimes it is only one area of your body. 

Yet many times several areas of the body are affected, effected, and infected.  Why? Within the Cellular Structures of the body, the body is having conversations not heard through the computer brain ears. They are only heard through listening with the heart and your natural innate ability to discern what is correct or incorrect for you, your INTUITION!  

Aging is caused through the “shock” to your natural systems to live a long healthy life.  Shock knocks the resonance of health right out of your body, your systems, your organs, your life! Then compound these issues in your tissues, the Duality Programs of:  Your family has it, you will get it, everyone is getting this illness, everyone has to die of something, the current pandemic will get you! There are so many more! The best one is you are supposed to age. 

Who made all this Duality B.S. up? Actually, why care. You can’t change the What of something until you get to the WHY.  The fork in the road is the juncture or shift from the Duality Cellular Memorizations of illness, disease, sickness, and emotional/physical instability, ie depression, anxiety, cancer, arthritis, auto-immune disease, and the list goes on and on.  Sometimes the labels of the illnesses change, yet the core emotional and physical issues are the same.


Well hooray!  Your body has intelligence and intellect within you.  Your Key to health…Your Key to Anti-Aging is your clear, perfect, Cellular Memory.  Your body knows exactly how to stay and maintain health. Your body knows that you don’t have to age. 

How do you access this brilliant, natural aptitude with natural proficiency?  By doing what I learned from my own body after my horrific accident.  OMG, I was a mess physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and for sure financially.  Losing everything I gained EVERY THING – MY SELF!

The second I began to listen to my heart, my intuition, and honor this amazing intelligence and intellect within ME, as within YOU, my body began to heal naturally!  Hearing through my computer brain ears provided me with nothing except self-doubt, voices of other people saying my life is screwed up, I would never be able to do anything worth doing, virtually my life is over!  No Way!

The second I listened, my Cellular Memory began to take over.  My Cellular Memory is remembering!  Remembering being healthy, being vibrant, being creative, being engaged in life…and of the utmost importance, not Duality important, IMPORTANCE, I trusted this intelligence and intellect in my body… MY OWN CELLULAR MEMORY!

Like the Phoenix Rising, I moved to Arizona.  The best move I ever made.  It doesn’t matter where you live physically, you are the Phoenix Rising.  Your Cellular Memory is your Phoenix Rising out of the Duality ashes of limitations of illness, disease, and belief systems, the b.s.!

Your body remembers. Your body remembers!  Your body remembers!

As you remember and trust this natural innate intelligence and intellect within you, you began to stabilize and turn back the clock!  When I consider my own physical-biological age, I am astonished.  This is not about me. This is about assisting you to REMEMBER YOUR CELLULAR MEMORY!  

The more connected you are to YOUR SELF, practical magic happens.  Remember…the magician is the trickster. That’s the Duality Programming of Aging. The Magic is the Practical Applications of Trusting your body’s inner intelligence and intellect, having a Non-Duality unlimited conversation with your body, your heart, and your intuition! Then LISTENING, not hearing… big difference, to what your body provides as practical guidance and answers to addressing your issues in your tissues to be healthy and Being Anti-Aging!

Your inner beingness is Anti-Aging.  Stay out of your head. Stay in your heart, talk to your body to remember being healthy, youthfully energetic, self-spirited, animated, lively, and vibrant. Your body will respond.

All the products you use, vitamins, supplements, food, creams, etc are wondrous.  Let them be your support products.  Your clear conscious healthy dynamic, full of life, anti-aging Cellular Memory remembers the youthful YOU.  

And the best part, you have the experiences, the events, the situations you can productively utilize, at whatever age or stage you are now, that will support you in your Newness journey of being the Anti-Aging creator from within Your Self who projects a youthful, vibrant, energetic awesome Happy Health Cells dynamo… YOU! 

I ask people all the time what is the best experience in your life.  Your own experience with your Self, what is it? Just about you.  Not selfish, now centered in Self!  More times than not most people have a difficult time answering this question. The reason is you are Duality Programed in your left computer brain to “remember” the horrible experiences, talk about them in nausea, keeping you stuck in the time line of the trauma dramas.  It no longer has to be this way. 

Dump the Duality Cellular Memorizations!

This is my own personal example. The day I soloed on an airplane is the best day of my life.  My Life!!! No one else was involved. Just me! Not Selfish!  Centered in Self!  Happy, joyous, power-filled, excited, thrilled, and the adjectives of wonder fullness goes on and on. So!! 

What I did is to begin to ask my body starting at my feet moving up through my entire body through my head to “REMEMBER” being in this perfect state of health, young at heart, physically strong, energetic vibrant and the list goes on.  At first, it took about 30 minutes or so.  My body FELLS this experience.  I am NOT reliving this experience.  I am REMEMBERING the perfect resonance of this vibrant totally connected body of mine.  

Now, when I get tired or have low energy, I do this “exercise”.  Now I can do it in minutes.  My whole body smiles!  All my cells, particles, molecules to the subatomic level of me are alive, youth-filled, energetic, alive, vibrant, or more.  So many ask me… “How do you so energize all the time?  How do you work so many hours (work?)? How do you do it?”  This is how!  Give it a shot.  You are Ageless in this resonance of joy, excitement, etc… your ALIVENESS!  So……


“Cellular Memory is the Heart of your Timeless Age!” 

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