What the heck is your CAE? Your CAE is your wondrous Childish Adult Ego. This is the amazing aspect of your Self that gives you the supporting non-support for you to transverse your Lessons, Karma and Re-incarnation. How extraordinary is this personal and personalized Chief Executive Officer who orchestrates up in your computer/brain, all the situations, conditions and events that are listed under the Corporate Chart rules, regulations and responsibilities of keeping you off track and on course through your trauma dramas.

Your CAE knows the perfect people to draw to you the perfect relationships, whether romantic, friends, enemies, bosses, family, extended family…..all the perfect relationships that are opportunities to learn so much about your Self. However the caveat is that you, the clear person, are not suppose to “see” the advantages and the learning experiences of the trauma dramas. You are suppose to live out the Lessons, Karma and Reincarnation of the experiences.

Your orchestrating CAE provides the time frames, the costumes, the stage of life! You could call your Childish Adult Ego your event planner. Your CAE is the perfect planner to carry out all the events that you wrote in your script and simply forgot to be conscious about it all. So your CAE keeps you on task. As you stay in your computer/brain and let your CAE lead you around, trauma dramas happen. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body eventually gets physically challenged. Your body breaks down over the years and you can get sick. It may take time. For example later in life you could end up in a nursing home, a hospital or in long term care, while your CAE is content to wait for another lifetime and get a new body.

Oh, this sounds so outrageous. But this is what happens. The CAE is not going to be fired, but will look for a new opportunity in the next lifetime, dragging all the trauma dramas forward with you. Oh my gawd this is just too outrageous. Ask your Self. “Isn’t living in fear, illness, sickness, disease, distress, dysfunctional relationships more outrageous than healing your Self? Aren’t the trauma dramas a waste of your valuable time which keeps you from living a full filled life? Why prevent your Self from living a life of achievements, great health, great relationships, great times? Isn’t that why you are here to be, have, achieve, and do?

Your CAE full filled his or her part. Now it is time to open your heart, get out of your computer/brain and have your Childish Adult Ego grow up. Without judging your Self, your CAE did the best and worst she or he could do through out all the trauma dramas, illness and “stuff”. Time to move on!

Your CAE has a replacement. This is your PCW, your Perfect Child Within. This is your clear Christed Consciousness. Your Perfect Child Within is your clear connection to everything. Your Perfect Child Within is part of your Trinity within you. Your PCW is the offspring of your Creative, Clear Powerful Female aspect of you and your Clear Manifesting Male aspect of you. Together in alignment with your Perfect Child Within, this dynamic Trinity within you makes Life happen in so many great healthy, harmony, fun, fulfilled days. In all the ways you deserver to live your life.

Grow up your CAE by releasing your emotional attachments to the past, allow your Perfect Child Within you, your Christ Consciousness, to come to the surface of your body and begin to implement your life with clarity, direction and focus. You do not have to re-traumatize your Self any more. Let those days be over. Wake up, rise up to your clear consciousness and step into the Power and Powerfulness of your internal Trinity. Connect to your Perfect Child Within. The time has come for the CAE to grow up. Allow your Perfect Child Within to be your new CEO and watch how your life changes for the BEST!