Isn’t it so amazing that we have been taught to focus on our failures, mistakes and screw-ups?  How wondrously functional is that… NOT!  Who in the heck said… “That you had a failure or failed.  Or who said you made a mistake.  Or who said you screwed up?”  All of these statements are emotional opinions of others.

Even if you said you screwed-up, the better question is did you really screw-up. Or did you create the screw-up to see how fabulous you can create traumas in your life?  Only you know for sure at that deepest level of your being that perhaps you created this mis-step in your life to figure out or ascertain what serves you and what does not.

This includes not only situations, events and conditions, but relationships as well.  Oh gawd…. repeated dysfunctional relationships?  Could these relationships be self-taught experiences to figure out your own Self.  Could these relationships that you thought in the heat of the moment or the hormones of the moment, simply be a study for your own personal growth? 

Are these relationships and the experiences that go along with them, really a progressive process for you to Self-discover what is the best for you and what is the worst nightmare. Maybe out of the nightmare, which is based on experiencing lessons and karma, you can see and feel to discern that you don’t, indeed, have to experience or re-experience these so-called lessons in life. 

Could it be time to move beyond lessons and karma that you “have to” experience the bad times to enjoy the good times? What a bunch of crap!  Go for the good times right off the bat!  Why should you waste your value time and experiences having to go through a unnecessary lesson or crappy experience to prove to your Self…you screwed-up, made a mistake or failed at some experience or some relationship.

This is so time to move beyond this old tired out ridiculous paradigm of beating your Self up for those experiences that you Self-judged your Self as wrong. So the “they” didn’t work out.  Move forward.  Start giving your Self accolades that you are still alive.  Give your Self a break.  Give your Self a round of applause for your past experiences. Now give your Self a hand-up, moving forward and deliberately Self-create your experiences as your creative Self-expression of experiences that are showing you how fabulously creative you are. 

Draw from your past experiences, see all that you have done, good, bad or indifferent.  You showed your Self that amazing Self-stamina, Self-strength, and Self creativity you used in the past.  Now without the attachment to the dramas of the past, being to appreciate your Self and stop participating in the traumas.  This is your life now go out  and experience your life. Go for the gusto. It is all about the experiences and how you choose to experience the experiences. 


Sherry Anshara

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