Please read this message, also there may be an app techy who may find this interesting and see as an avenue for business, for opportunities! Brilliance from a prison…you never know where brilliance is “born!”

This is from an inmate in the Arizona Prison System, who has read ALL my books…

This is why I love to show people/teach people/guide people into Consciousness. This is the second letter I received from him:

To Sherry, “I appreciate the fine gesture. Thank you for the gift of information. I want to communicate a message to you that I am reaching out and searching for guidance and support on creating and launching an app/website. It is a social media app made for the sake and purpose for people to be more productive and aware of their daily activities, set and have goals to accomplish while being more conscious of how time is passing by, how people can further educate themselves and make an impact to help themselves or other’s lives healthier, mentally and physically. Greater union and support for each other as human beings with easier access to useful information, knowledge, and support that is already out there. Self help, mentor’s guidance even tutors will be listed and available.

The main goal and purpose of this app/website is to uplift people’s energy and consciousness to their high self, be more self-confident and less timid, insecure and fearful of jumping out there to chase and live their own dreams, raise people’s awareness of all possibilities, opportunities and options that this “Plan-et” has to offer, while people are tapping into their human potential capabilities and power’s to triumph and overcome defeat, regret or just see and get that little support and guidance for them to take flight.

If you can help me make this a reality or can lead me or guide me towards someone who might be interested, please let me know. I have more details and information about the app once a partner reveals him/herself.

So far I’ve been working on un-programming fear, lack and judgment. I am good enough, I am worth it. I am smart and beautiful. Thank you!

About me: I am 29 years of age I was born in Nogales on September 11, 1990. I have 2 children, 1 daughter and 1 son. I am currently serving a 63 month prison sentence for a drug conspiracy, my out date is on 4/21/21 with “home confinement” (halfway house) I have about 11 months till my release, hopefully less with a miracle. As much as I hate this place and painful that it was to be separated from my children, this “time” has helped me know myself alot better and grow into the man and father I need to be for my family and myself. Till this day I still continue to learn and improve myself, your books and teachings have helped in the process.

Since I a currently in prison “locked up”, i don’t really know how to go about this whole app inspiration I have, I just know I really have a burning desire for this to manifest into reality because I really believe it will transform “social media”. Time will tell I am taking shots at every possibility!

PLEAE SHARE:  This guy is changing his life and would like to assist other who change their lives and their circumstances.. I am SO GRATEFUL.. How he found my books, to me is a miracle So I am asking for connections to him message me and I will put you together. This guy is brave, even in prison, he has become a Conscious Creator of his Life!!

Let’s find him a partner(s), investors, mentors.


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