How many “incidents” or experiences have you ever had and wondered why they happened? Many times for me, what is going on, what is this experience all about? No doubt you can relate in some ways!  In that left computer brain “trying” and “trying” to “anal”yze the significance of an experience, a dream, an incident, or a so-called accident, doesn’t work!  

Could it be there is a “message” in a particular situation or incident? You know me, I am not woo-woo in any way. Always looking for an explanation.  Sometimes there is no “rational” explanation. Yet!!! There is a much deeper meaning to an experience.

The more you are “willing” and “open” to “listen” and “observe” non-emotionally, the more you will “get” the information in the situation.   These “happenings” happened to me all my life. From early childhood to now, “out of the box”, even sometimes described as weird, these many, many experiences colored, flavored, and changed my life. The key, always, is my own willingness to NOT “anal”yze what I “think” may be happening.  

The best aspect of these examples is to be open and again be willing to be “willing” to “see” that there are really no accidents. There are co-incidents of participation that occur between you or me or people that each of us encounters along our paths. The more open and willing to be open, amazing, sometimes unexplainable at the moment, experiences happen naturally.

Ever wonder how this happens? This a question that always intrigues me, in the past, present, and no doubt in my future. The more connected you are to your Self, to your life, your environment, and to the fact that you create everything in your life, the more these experiences begin to make sense.

Somewhere deep within you, from the inside out, you “send” information, bands, and messages that are encrypted with messages.  From a dualistic point of view, you know, good, bad, high, low, this way or that way, the left computer brain to “rationalize” from a 3D narrow band of perceptions, it is a challenge to “get” the complete picture. Attempting to “anal”yze your experience, what is lost?  What is lost is the multidimensional information, the multifaceted aspects of an experience.  

The limitations of Duality actually close you down to the multi-purposes of your experience. Here is a Duality idea!  “What is the one thing you “learned” from an experience?” WHAT?  You are so much more in all your experiences. There is no such thing as learning one thing. In Non-Duality, it is not the idea of learning, that Cellular Memorization “thing” of Duality, it is the multi-faceted experiences that you are creating for your Self.

Let’s take driving as an example.  So simple.  You learned to drive a car. Is that the last thing you learned about driving a car? NO!  You opened up your world to self-travel, locally, nationally, and internationally. In my own experiences of driving around, it was locally, nationally, and internationally! Did just that one thing of learning how to drive end there. NO! Drove many types of cars, SUV’s and even trucks. Through these experiences, I experienced so much. Even experienced, in certain areas of the world, different timelines experienced by me! Have no doubt you have too!

It is so time to stop discounting these Duality Perceptions that are so limited…in any lifetime or time frame! Consider that some of your experiences that appear as accidents, co-incidents, and signs are your body’s guidance at a particular time, to get your attention.  Perhaps to stop limiting your Self from the narrow-banded, tight, restricted influences of the Duality Belief Systems that prevent you from Becoming the Full Body of YOU!!! 

Your own body of intelligence, your Cellular Memory is guiding you!  Consider that some of the individuals in which you participate in your “accidental” experiences are really the connections of co-incidents for you and whomever else is involved to come together. To come together WHY? This is the best question! 

Let your inner guidance lead your way. What is this co-incident connection all about? Perhaps a remember for you as well the other person or persons. These experiences have happened to me all my life. Some of my best friendships and “fun”ships have happened because of the co-incidents. The timing is always perfect.

Again over and over again, please do not “anal”yze, stay out of your head. Let the experiences, the co-incidents, and the timing of them unfold. How? By trusting your Intuition. Your intuition is your natural innate ability with your heart to discern what your answers are to the questions you are asking. Trust is essential.

The more you Trust your Self, the more amazing the experiences, the co-incidents, the timing, and your guidance will happen naturally. You become your own guide with a freedom that is natural, and fun and those AHA moments provide incredible practical answers from within you!


Your first GPS is the Guidance which comes from within YOU, your Heart, and your Intuition!”
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