According to Duality and the Dualistic Belief Systems, stating all the Trues, all answers are to be found, discovered, taught, imprinted, embedded and programmed, and your answers are all outside of you! This is the edict of Duality on this Earth and in this Universe.  The avenues, the ways to your answers are always outside of you.  Trust the “experts”. Trust the leaders.  Trust the authorities.  Trust the professionals.  When all else falls for you, trust someone, anyone outside of you to give your answers!

This is the way of Duality.  Run around the world to find your Self.  Follow the Guru (gee you are you) to lead you. Take the perfect course to get your answers.  Obey the leader to be led the right way for you.  Always seek your answers outside of you.  This is the perfect devaluation of your Self. You are to become their version or versions of you!  The Duality way(s)!

Do not trust YOU.  Do not trust what you might know naturally.  Do not trust your intuition.  This is your natural innate ability to discern what is correct for you or not.  Trust the outside source or sources. Yet never trust your Self or your natural intelligence, your intuitive sense of your own inner Truth.

You must be substantiated by an outside source. You must be validated by an outside source authorized to prove you right or even wrong. The outside authority must be knowledgeable, have more sense, be more in tune with you than you.  This all sounds so amazingly perfect.  Not so much!

From the get go, you are taught as a child, even from the minute the sperm hits the egg, to make sure your answers are to be found outside of you.  This is not in any way, judging the knowledge or experience of those that are in your life from the beginning.  Not judging parents. Remember your parents did the best and worst they could with you, with what they knew and “didn’t” know under their own Duality circumstances.  

They were also trying and trying to be validated by their “outside” sources of education, experiences, and what they were taught!  They are not exempt in Duality from having to face some of the same challenges as you…  or your grandparents… or lineages throughout all the time lines.  All generations were “programmed” with similar Dualistic Belief Systems in their own specific time lines. They had to follow the protocols of their social platforms.

Whether flexible or uncompromising in Duality Belief Systems, your answers in any time line have to be achieved from outside of you.  How could you have a real original thought or idea of your own? Heretic! Weirdo! Crazy!  Actually, my own personal one is my dear mother’s description of me…”Sherry, Where did you come from?”  Honestly a compliment within me.  I am sure some of you reading this will relate.  We all wonder why it took us so long to really rebel in finding our own way to our own Selves for sure!

Now, none of this is right or wrong. This is the idea of Duality.  Always a tape measure, a yardstick, some sort of measurement to make sure you fit into finding your Self outside of your Self.  Fit in…to find outside your Self…who you are!  Is this just amazing in the language of Self Discovery… find your Self “outside of your Self!”  Brilliant!  NO not at all.  

Why because finding your Self outside of your Self, is to prevent you from experiencing your own Self at your own core!  At your core is your clear consciousness connected to your creative abilities which are your powerful propulsion sources to implement, manifest, and actualize your multi-dimensional natural capabilities to be in charge of how, when, where, and why you are on your journey here on this Earth and in this Universe.  

When you recognize this Self-connection, accept your natural innate creative abilities, embrace that any and all outside resources for you, are just that… informational based to provide you with information along your journey. They are resource and sources for your own personal and professional growth.  Through this acquisition of knowledge, your journey is always an inside job! 

This inside job, in the collection of information, provides you with resources and foundations which support your clear conscious inner heart-based choices that enhance and support your life in every way.  You do not have to endure emotional decisions based upon someone else’s idea of who you are.  You don’t have to run around this planet or this Universe, looking for YOU outside of YOU!  

The more you choose to be your own Clear Conscious Non Duality Real Self, the more relevant you become to you.  You don’t have to ask… “Why am I here….why do I have to suffer… why am I less than, any and all of those Duality left computer brain programmed questions of Self Doubt!  

Embrace Your Self. Sacrifice, suffering, doubting your own Self are a taught, programmed Duality paradigm that is not supportive of your life.  This is not pie in the sky to find a conscious way out of Duality.  “Of it, not in it!”   This is simply, acknowledging your Self as an amazing human, an extraordinary person.  Be willing now. This is the perfect timing.  This is a Self-gifted opportunity time to find your Self within your Self. 






“Look within and your Word expands, look outside, and your world contracts!”

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