HMMMMM!  Are you willing? Being ready never does it! Are you willing? Being ready for what? Being ready is the blocker.  Being ready is the pretense. Being ready just doesn’t do anything? Being ready is what? Can’t change the what until you get to the Why! Being ready never gets to the Why of anything?


The Y is the fork in the road. You can’t be ready. You must be willing to stop forking your Self and choose, not Duality emotionally decide, to take a Newness Way….choose a Newness Fork. You can’t change the past or the pasts, the past(s) is one second ago and the future is one second from now! You are the one who can shift the path, the way, the avenue, the fork in your road! You create your own way. The way that best serves you as a Conscious Creator in Charge of Your Life.  Become the Godness within you!


These four power full and power-filled words all hold a resonance that is relevant to YOU, YOUR LIFE, YOUR MANY MANY PURPOSES, AND THE HOW AND WAYS OF YOUR LIFE IN THIS CURRENT TIME LINE!  As you step into your Power as the Godness Within You, you become a dynamic influencer in your life and perhaps in the life of others.  How? Your relevant resonance, Non-Duality is felt!  

As you express your Self as a Non-Duality Person, the natural Humanity of YOU is expressed and felt. There has never been a time where a fully conscious, Non-Duality change, shift, turn, move, any word that can express an alteration out of Duality and all the Duality Realities that have been propagated over the eons, centuries, years….ALL THE TIMELINES of the “con”trol and manipulation of the human race. The amazing measurement of the propaganda is how easily through Duality marketing, sales, and left computer brain programming, the human race has been held in the “race” of the race to be the one race that is the leaders.

How has that worked over the Centuries! The leaders have changed, the “race” who ran the show became the ones who were enslaved. This is the Duality way.  What is the “What” of Duality? The What is to maintain the same thing. The clothes change, the background changes, the stages change, the appearance of the time line changes, yet the rhetoric of Duality in any language on this planet remains… divide and conquer and maintain the illusions.  

The What’s cannot be changed, shifted, deleted, dumped, evaporated, dismissed, what the word is used to describe the elimination of Duality from the left computer brain permanently. Through the integration of the right brain, which coordinates with the female left side (not gender), this is where the organization of your creativity happens through the ideas and creative expressions that you have. This is the beginning, the initiation of your Clear Conscious Creativity that takes place in how you create your life, non-emotionally as you Stand in your Truth of how you create your life!

The next step is through your body. Your body is the implementer of what you create! Whatever you are creating at the moment… a relationship, first with your Self, a business, a meal, an experience, a situation, an event, even a fart!  What…a fart?  Just consider what you say… “If I eat this it will give me gas… thus a fart.. how fun you created it. It is impossible not to create. You are a god within you and in the beginning, God created…you are the image, the persona of God… yes, you are.  Your body implements what you create!  

Through your left brain, you manifest, manufacture, or “manipulate” what you have created, implemented, and now manifested through your right male (not gender) side.  Everyone creates, implements and manifests. This is how it works in this physical Earth body. It is a no-brainer when you are in charge of how your brain is working through YOU. Or how you left Duality computer brain works YOU through the Duality Programs of Self-Judgment, Self-Lack and Self-Take-Away from your Self when you buy the Duality limitations of not good, not deserving, not something or another!  WOWZER!

Now the best part is how you actualize your life, your creative abilities. Through your Heart, the most expansive resonance in your body. Now make it a relevant resonance, through your heart through your arms to your hands, in the palms of your hands you actualize…


This is being the Godness with you! You are the Allness of YOUR LIFE, through the Connectedness of YOU to Your Self through Your Heartness. In this position, the Standing In Your Non-Duality Power, you know without a doubt, that All that YOU Create in your life, whatever it is, relationships, businesses, careers, situations, experiences, ALL of the creative abilities you actualize, you are In Charge of all the Whats YOU Create, because, you are Being the Cause of the Why’s you are creating your experiences.

When do people ask me what is my purpose? The Truth is you don’t have one purpose. You have many purposes. Your Clear Conscious Purposes on based on the WHYs you create the WHATS in Your Life!  What is it… is based upon the fabulous Clear Conscious Forks in Your Roads, The Ways that you choose deliberately, focused, and directed!  This is WHY you do what you do on Purpose with the purpose for the purpose of creating your Life Consciously!


“You cannot change the What until you get to the WHY!”
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