Relationships come in all forms, sizes, shapes, and time frames.  Relationships can be defined as personal: biology, family, extended family, adopted family, and significant others…romantic or not.  Relationships can be defined as professional: career, job, position, title, degree, and label.  Each relationship can be explained in all sorts of ways: friend, enemy, boss, acquaintance, co-worker, neighbor, and even stranger.  Yet what does all this mean anyway in terms of relationships?

There is one significant aspect of all your relationships and that is spelled YOU with capital letters.  YOU are in the center of the relationship wheel.  YOU make the wheel of your world go around. You are either spinning your wheel or the emotional attachments to your relationship wheel are spinning you.  Ever wonder why you say…“I am spinning out of control, I am spinning my wheels, or my world has spun out of control with me in it?”  You say these things while at the same time pondering… “What is this life all about?  What is this relationship(s) all about?”

For one thing, this life is all about YOU.  No one else, just YOU!  How can that be?… especially when you have so many people coming in and out of your life.  You may also have people that come into your life and never leave!  You have the proverbial quandary:  how did I get my Self into this relationship situation?  You can blame it on contracts, karma, or lessons…or…you just re-incarnated and did it again and again with the same people.  Well…not so fast.  These are all explanations, but are they really true?  Or are these just emotional belief systems that give you the excuses for the reasons that you are stuck in these worlds…yours, theirs and ours…in collision with problematic relationships?

Time for you to get off this world and revise your contracts, karma, lessons, and the rest of the re-incarnation belief systems!  Could it be that your problematic relationships begin inside of you with your first and foremost relationship in the world?  Who is that first and foremost relationship in this world for you?  It is with YOU!  All those relationships outside of you are dependent upon your perspective/facts or your perceptions/emotions about your Self.

All of these relationships are aspects of YOU. Stop the belief systems that they are reflections of you!  If you continue to have a belief system that ALL these people are reflections of you, then you are stuck in a mirror. Through the glass darkly!  Be the bottle of glass cleaner and wipe the glass clearly!

Just for a moment, consider that all the relationships outside of you are guided by YOU!

What you like about the individuals in your relationships is really what you like about your Self.  Give your Self a round of applause.  All the things you don’t like about the individual relationships in your life are the issues YOU are working on.  Embrace those relationships you like and love.  Embrace and expand upon them.  All those relationships that are in collision with your world are your opportunities to clear out those issues that are so blatantly bugging you, which really means you are bugging your Self.

Take the time to get out of the cloudy mirror and see your Self for the life you are and the life you have. Pat your Self on your back!  Tell your Self that these relationships, good, bad or indifferent, are no longer reflections of me.  Take a stand for your Self.  Let go of those non-productive emotional attachments of how it is supposed to be, should be, or could be. Make your relationships how you would like to be in the relationships with your Self. Yes, that’s relationships…plural.

You are multi-faceted. Don’t minimize your Self anymore. Look at all your qualities. Look at how amazingly you created all these relationships.  Collisions do not work for a harmonious and productive relationship.  Be your friend first.  Let your Self know how it feels to be your friend. Your heart will know it.  Your brain will not.  Through this heart connection friendship with your Self, it is so much easier to be a friend to others, regardless of the label or column you have put them on…personal or professional.

Be your Self so others can be themselves with you. This makes for much deeper, more fun, and more productive relationships.  Stop the collision of your world with others’ worlds. This is too time and energy consuming, and it wastes your creativity.  Embrace your relationship with your Self, face to face with your Self, with no more reflections. Be powerful and power filled!  Embrace your self-created relationships and make your world and the worlds of others a better place in which to share your Self.

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