Looking back to the past as a reference point only, not a situation to be relived can be an enlightening and freeing experience. From the standpoint of reality, consciousness is reality.  Belief Systems are concepts, ideas, beliefs of the current time, but they are not reality. Belief Systems are programs and conditioning.  Now what does that have to do with the past?

Your issues have everything to do with the past and your views, interpretations and ideas of what happened, are they perceptions or facts?  Interpretations are the key to the issues.  When you view your experiences with clarity, it provides the insight to the answers, not perceptions!

Since consciousness is everything, when the sperm hits the egg, a third consciousness becomes part of the equation; two parents and a baby/offspring. The egg is consciousness from the mother and the sperm is the consciousness from the father.

All the “stuff”, good, bad, or indifferent, come from both parents and affects the foundation of the baby’s consciousness. The baby has his or her own agendas coming into the current lifetime with a contract in hand agreed by the three of them or however many offspring are born at that time.

The question is…whose consciousness has the most affect on the baby?  It is up to the contractual agreement.  The baby is now the composite of three realities.  The three are like three and one oil that does not always mix, in accordance to the contract.  Good grief! For the baby, along his or her journey, are either the challenges or the opportunities to get conscious or to plod through life with perceptions and Belief Systems.

While in the womb, the baby has to interpret the information, whether to live through Belief Systems or to discover his or her truth detached from the parents’ consciousness without any blame game program running.  The gestation period is the blending of the consciousness as the baby grows in the womb, getting different and sometimes the same views as the parents.

Everything that goes on with the parents during the gestation period affects the view of the child from his or her view from the womb.  The baby is experiencing and “seeing” the outside world as the parents are.  For example if the parents are insecure, the baby learns an insecurity program.  When the parents are fear based, the baby becomes fear based.

It may take a lifetime or lifetimes to get over the traumas from the experiences learned in the womb. Therefore, whether abandonment, not good enough or fabulous, the consciousness from the parents is transferred to the baby!  The “womb with a view” can set the path, the tone, and the way for the baby.  How, why and what circumstances which are created by the baby through his or her journey provide the answers beginning from the womb until the tomb.  The consciousness of the parents, the purpose of the contract, and the consciousness of the baby are all parts of the equation.

The benefit to knowing this right from the beginning of the union of the egg and the sperm that “births” the baby is having a clear consciousness as reality beyond the perceptions of the Belief Systems.  What a profound difference there will be for the baby’s life dependent upon the view from the womb.