Everything has a vibration and frequency especially words.  When you speak words they have an effect not only on you but they affect and influence the people around you as you speak them. When you express words that have a low frequency and vibration, they give you clues to what level of awareness you are at, which helps you tremendously to understand your Self.  So when you ask your Self where are you at?  Listen to the language, the vocabulary and the words you speak.  The words are not only the clues to where you are, they let you know how you got where you are now.

Words that are spoken to you as a baby, child, teenager and adult, all throughout your life, impact your behaviors, actions and your creative process.  You create your life from the vibration and frequency that you are in.  If you think of your Self as less, you will use the language, vocabulary or words of less, whether you are cognitive or not, as you speak these lower vibration words.  Someone can give you a compliment of any kind, and your reply goes something like this… “oh I have looked better, or oh I have felt better, or oh, do you really think so?”  The compliments given are turned into a self debasing reply.

Why do you do it?  You do it because underneath you have limited Belief Systems about your Self.  You keep hoping, wishing, wanting and needing something to change, but the only thing that changes is NOTHING CHANGES!!!  You are caught in a loop of a low frequency, low vibration Belief Systems that affect your behaviors. You are trapped in a low frequency, low vibration Belief Systems that yell… you are not good enough, do not have the capabilities of changing your circumstances, you are not that great!  All B.S.

It doesn’t matter how much money, status, things you have, they can not give you a whole sense of your Self.  They can only project things around you.  These things do not support you to have connected relationships, feelings of wholeness.  They do prevent you from connecting to your Self because of the outside search for self-validation.  Things can not and will never validate you.  Being connected to your Self, honoring your Self from the very essence of your clear core is the significant key to begin to validate your Self.

Hoping, wishing, wanting and needing will never bring you to a higher vibration and frequency of consciousness and awareness.  These are words that “speak” volumes of being less, not smart enough, not good enough.  These are the words of Judgment and Lack.  They are the vocabulary of the Take-Away.  This is the Take-Away from your Self by hoping, wishing, wanting and needing for some one outside of you to validate who you are.  Again, it is not about the stuff, it is about the stuff that is stuffed inside you that you hold onto as Belief Systems that you are low vibrations and frequency.  STOP resonating to this B.S.

Change your words, change your cells, change your life, change your world.  Begin by using language and vocabulary which support you.  It is okay to say you are great at something. Tell your Self.  Who cares whether you broadcast it around the world.  When you begin to Believe in your Self, instead of Belief Systeming your Self into negativity, your cells change.  They get healthier, they get happy.  You can stop hoping, wishing, wanting and needing which are no action words.  They do not promote creativity only “stagnivity”.  Stop stagnating and start creating with a new language of self chosen words.

How you speak of your Self will speak volumes first to your Self and then to the outside world.  By the way, people notice and take notice of you.  They like what they hear!  So will you.  This is not self centered in ego, but “centered in Self”.  Go for it.  Use words that are from the very Soul of your creative essence.  Use words that fabuliciously permeate your cells, your body, your life that come directly from your unlimited Spirit and the power of your Soul.  Stamp out hoping, wishing, wanting and needing.  Imprint the language of Require, Desire and Deserve.  Apply these words every day, and these words change your cells, change your life, change your world.  Expect great changes because you are being great about your Self!!!