What a great question to ask one’s Self. The reason it is happening is because it is self created and self generated. There is nothing that happens to you, me or anyone without full participation in situation, relationship, and/or event.

To learn the most from the ‘happening’, first ask your Self, why is this happening? If you feel like a victim, then realize with ‘real eyes’ that perhaps this situation is an opportunity to let go of being a victim in any circumstance. Perhaps this dramatic ‘happening’ is for you to release the ‘drama’ that has beening ‘tic’-ing you off for being a victim.

So don’t be a victim anymore of anything or anyone, look at the ‘happening’ as the perfect reminder that a lesson is at hand. And hand the it over to the Universe and move on in your life. Now you can consciously create your happenings and make the happenings for you that are productive, fun, beneficial and prosperous. Otherwise you waste your value time and efforts of your life and your Self, living the drama. Boring!

Say ‘Oh well’ and move forward. You do have the choice! Be Choosey!