There are many contributing factors to illness. There is no single answer.  What answers you do get about your Self depend upon your clear questions, your research, your medical tests, and your willingness to heal your Self emotionally and physically.  Your body has all your answers.

The first question to ask your Self is…“What is the emotional issue attached to my illness?”  It may sound like a simple question.  The simpler and more direct your questions are to your Self, the easier it is to get a clear answer.  Here is something to consider: every illness and diagnosis has an emotional component beginning at the cellular level within your body.

Here are a few examples of the emotional foundation of illness:

Illness                                                             Emotional Foundation

Addiction                                                       Validation Issue

Anxiety                                                          Unrealistic Expectations

Depression                                                     Deepest Disappointment

Cancer                                                            Eating your Self up Alive

Fibromyalgia                                                 Rigid Belief Systems

Diabetes                                                         Life is Sour

Family has it                                                  You have it

The list goes on!

It may appear completely simplistic to you.  The truth is…it is!  You are programmed or taught to make things complicated.  The more complicated a situation, the greater the “story” there is both emotionally and physically, and the more debilitating the illness.

A second question to ask your Self is…“Can I get support to heal my Self?” Make your answer YES! Everything outside of you is a tool to support you to heal.  The tools of technology are the best.  They give you an understanding of what is going on in your body.  They are great diagnostic tools.  Homeopathic remedies support your body through a frequency and vibration compatible for your body to get well.  Therapeutic oils are a great source for supporting your body to heal.  Functional Medicine, Energy Medicine and Allopathic Medicine all work hand in hand as supportive tools to assist you in healing.

And the third best question to ask your Self is…“Can I heal my Self?”  The answer is YES!  You must be willing to get to the emotional core of your illness to heal the physical problems.  Can this be the most challenging part of your healing process?  For sure!  Taking full responsibility for your Self, without judgment, blame or shaming your Self is the key to self-healing.  You know your life more than anyone.  You know all that you have been through to get to this point of illness. There is no one outside of you that can heal you! No One!!!  Everything outside of you is a tool.  You have many tools that are outlined here.  Connect to your cellular level of consciousness, view your life and your circumstances from a non-emotional viewpoint, accept what has happened because your past cannot be changed, and take a stand for your Self.  You are not your diagnosis.

The diagnosis is the result of the emotional and physical trauma to your body. Results can be changed no matter what. You have the ability to make the changes, whatever tool or tools you use to heal your Self.  You must be willing to love your Self under a commitment to your Self that No Matter What, you can heal your Self.  You can’t “cure” your Self… no one can. You “cure” hams and meat!  You can heal your Self.

The Fourth Question to ask your Self is….“If I change my words about my Self, can this support me to heal my Self?”  The answer is YES with capital letters.  Stop labeling your Self with your illness.  A diagnosis is the result of your past emotional traumas, dramas and/or labels.  You are a powerful human being.  Change your words and you will change your life.

Surrender.  Surrender is not failing.  Surrender is acknowledging the past.  No Matter What!  Surrender is your willingness to not judge your Self anymore.  Surrender is your first huge step in healing.  Start asking your Self the questions.  You will get your answers.  You can heal your Self.

Each day is a new day.  Don’t make your past or pasts a repeated future.  Stay out of the past. Stay out of the future.  They simply are irrelevant and the same.  Stay in the moment. You can heal your health!