One of the main reasons that your relationships may look the same is because THEY ARE THE SAME.  This is how it works.  As child you do not have the experience to experience the experience that you are having.  You simply do not have the words, language, knowledge or vocabulary to explain what is happening to you.  You do not have the facts.

Here is an example:  Let’s say at age 6 you are told you are stupid. You know you are not stupid.  Yet who are you going to believe?  You don’t have the facts to what is going on with that adult authority figure’s life.  They may have been called stupid in their own childhood and got stuck with that label. Then what does that adult authority figure do?  Usually pass it on unconsciously.  Stupid is a learned pattern.  At 6 you have no other way except to accept the label that is being placed upon you.  At this time a neural network is established in your computer/brain that is labeled “stupid”.

This is how it continues. Let’s say you are 16, working at your first job. The supervisor comes in at your job.  Who knows what trauma/drama he or she is having that day.  You don’t know. This supervisor says…“What…is this stupid?”  What is happening to you?  All you and your body know is that “stupid” label is affecting you.  How old are you?  You are emotionally 6 regardless of the date, day or year.  You have learned to take it personally.  The original neural network established at age 6 has gotten triggered.  Another imprinting in your computer brain that you are stupid is occurring.  The pattern is becoming your reality.  All you know is that another authority figure is telling you…“You are stupid”.  A belief system, a b.s. program, is developing about your Self.

Life goes on. You grow up achieving a doctorate in finance.  Wow!  You have arrived.  You are working for a Fortune 500 company, a CFO extraordinaire.  You walk into the boardroom in front of the board and the CEO says to you…“This report is stupid.”   Not enough write-offs, not enough something or another.  It doesn’t matter what he says.  It is the word “stupid” of that first neural network in your computer/brain being triggered once again.  Guess what age you are?  6 years old emotionally.  This is how de-powering language can be.  

What has the label “stupid” set you up to be?  A VICTIM!  At your cellular level in your computer/brain, you are running and continue to run a victim program.  This will affect all aspects of your life.  Now how does it affect your relationships?  This is how:  

“Life is not a reflection of you.  Life is a projection of you.”- Sherryism

As a projection, you are projecting that you are a victim.  You may not be consciously aware of it.  Since everything is frequency and vibration, your vibes project victimhood.  Someone or even a group picks up your frequency and vibration and creates a victimizing experience or experiences for you.  This will manifest into relationships, whether personal or professional, with experiences having an underlying resonance of victimhood.  

You can attract a victimizing spouse, frenemy, boss, and/or group.  They are answering your projection.  It may seem simplistic.  It is.  This is just one example of how and why relationships eventually appear the same.  Here are examples of programmed neural networks that you may be projecting unconsciously to your outside world: 

  1. Not Good Enough
  2. Invisible
  3. Unworthy
  4. Not Deserving
  5. And the list goes on!!!

What is occurring is that you are establishing a Profile outside of you.  You get locked into behavioral patterns which you are projecting.  Then you get “stuck” in a Role, most likely a foundation of being a victim in all of its patterns in connection with Profiles.  Your life becomes a series of repeated patterns. Again the relationships can be identified as personal or professional.  At the core THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.

Through the Anshara Method, you can FREE your Self from dysfunctional Profiles and behavioral patterns and get out of a Role of being any kind of a victim.  And the best part is…you step into your Power and begin to create your life through clear choices.  You no longer make decisions imprinted in you by someone else’s opinions that have no facts. You excel!