One of the biggest issues on this Duality planet of the “Do Overs” and even in this Duality Universe of same race of people, aliens, races, whatever you call them are doing the same Do Over programs.  Let the Force Be With You.  How many Star Trek movies does it take to notice,
“they” are doing over the same Force practices.  The Fight between the Dark Side and the Light Side.  Hmmmmmm  Could both sides be doing the same Do Over Fight over and over and over again.  Yet the Fight continues.  How many people, beings, aliens does it take to kill…and yet they reproduce and continue to fight?

So what is really going on?  How many white supremist does it take to kill black people, how many Chinese did take to kill the Japanese during WWII, how many Nazi’s did it take to kill the Jews, how many Turks did it take to kill the Armenians, how many Blues (North) did it take to kill the Grays (South) and visa versa.  Who are the right and who are the wrong.  Well that depends on the Duality Belief Systems. How many of each group does it take to rationalize killing someone or something or just kill whoever and whatever the killing is aimed at?

Well, just for a moment, if this is possible, stay NEO, the Non Emotional Observer and look through your life. What is you had an idea, a thought, an Aha moment of “enlightenment” for your own self that you would like to create for your Self. And with one quick movement of someone else’s belief system, the B.S. Duality Programs in which they were infected, your idea was “killed”.  Your brilliance was squashed.  A part of you died!  Your idea, your brilliance, you was killed. Yet you had to continue “existing” because the aliveness of you was killed. Hmmm remember the movie the Night of the Living Dead.  How many people are walking around Zombies half alive because their brilliance was killed? 

Look around you, including in the mirror, what part of you did YOU have to kill because you didn’t’ fit in, your idea didn’t fit in and your body had to have a fit.. it is called Illness.  When I see clients, who come to me with a physical and it is ALWAYS emotional, who have a diagnosis, I will ALWAYS ask them…”When did it start?”  Of course they will tell me when it was diagnosed.  No!  This is not when it started. 

Your illness, disease, issues in your tissues could have started the minute the sperm hit the egg and you are in. You memorize without any blame on your parents, you take into your cells their emotional and physical issues with the impact of the contract you wrote with them.  Said it many times, “What you like about them, you have cleared.  What you don’t like them is why you three of you or in the case of an adoption, or abandonment, how many more you involved in the “what you don’t like about them, that became a significant part of your path.

Now back to the issues of Why do what we do and continue to it?  First you have to look at your own life without Self judgement, judgment of others and stay NEO, Non Emotional Observer.  From this vantage point, and it is YOUR advantage point, don’t forget non-emotionally you will have the advantage for your Self to “see” and observe how you created your life through the limitations of your Belief Systems, the Duality Belief Systems that affect, effect and infect your life.

Here is the wonderment, when your life is working, you are consciously aware that you are the one creating what is happening in your life.  Youa re the happening that is making the happenings happen!  Yes, this is how you are working with your Self to make your experiences that you are experiences work for you.  You are the Conscious Creator of your life, your experiences, your relationships, your businesses, your everything. You are not buying into limitations set upon you by others, by their limitations of themselves that you are choosing not to buy or by another factors “outside” of you that do not resonate to you. This is being clearly and deliberately conscious!

On the other side of the coin, let’s dig deeper.  Let’s say you join a group.  You seem to resonate with this group.  Feels pretty good?  Then perhaps as you go along, there is a “niggle’ that perhaps something is off. But the Duality Programming says to “fit it”. So to fit in with this particular group, a little part of you begins at your cellular level, your core to lose a part of your Self.  Just a little bit at a time, bits of you are being indoctrinated into their system.  Pretty soon, not so pretty, you become a member. Without judging the group or your Self, step back or step away!  Does being a part of this group, change your Self, change your Behavior, change your Outlook on life, change your Outlook on others?  Is the foundation of this groups Belief Systems detrimental to others creating a separation between you and the group and the others.

Are the core belief systems of this group you have joined counter indicated to life?  How about Klu Klux Klan, the Nazi, the Rebels, the religious orders that got you out of order with your Self.  Now don’t start blaming  your Self, others or me the writer of this message.  This is all about you, me and all the groups out there of any kind.  You have to examine their core Belief Systems with your own Clear Consciousness at your Cellular, Molecular an Subatomic Levels of Your Self.  If they do not coincide or resonate with each other, then the only person to address with these questions… “Do I really fit here? Is this group about sustaining life?  Is this group to which I have given my Self sustaining my life?  Or is this group separating me from my Self, from my God Self, from life and from others. 

When people ask me what their purpose is?  I answer… “ You have many purposes!  One of the most REAL purposes to is LIVE YOUR LIFE, CONSCIOUSLY CREATE YOUR LIFE, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, USE YOUR TALENTS TO BENEFIT YOU AND OTHERS AND FIRST BE CONNECTED TO YOUR SELF, THEN TO OTHERS.  Through our Self Connection and Connections to others in all forms, we Thrive together and the planet Thrives.  Though the deliberate disconnections of Duality Groups, these Belief Systems are insidious and deliberately first separate you from your Self, from others and infect and take over your computer/brain to rationalize their doctrines.  Scary? Yes. Duality Belief Systems are terrifying, create terrorists and you are indoctrinated to terrorize your Self for not following their leaders.  Way Scary!!!  

Here is the best license plate I ever saw!  “When the follows lead, the leaders will follow!”  I say follow your Self and let your Heart Lead Your Way.  Utilize your computer brain to organize information, analyze through your heart, not your head!  Why?  Because if you analyze through your Belief Systems, the first four letters of analyze is ANAL! Hmmm.. so obvious!

So back to Why We Do What We Do…And Continue to Do It.  Well I have a theory. Can I prove it right now? I don’t have to.  When I spoke about Cellular Memory in 1991, I was told.. here take a pill you will be okay!  You are nuts!  You are woo woo!  You are weird. Well now today, I am extremely Okay, I am not nuts.  I am NOT woo woo. I am wondrously weird. My clients, my friends, the professionals who refer to me , who are also my clients, doctors, scientists, executive, entrepreneurs, milliennials (I love them), pregnant couples, babies, teenagers, baby boomers, you name it, all the ages and stages, backgrounds, all religions, all walks of life, are healthier and freer than ever in their lives. OMG you can call me Happy, Healthy and Fun and know without doubt I love what I do.  Now enough about me…this is about you and being your REAL FREE HUMAN SELF!

Here’s my theory. That our DNA, is the problem.  I have a theory that the more conscious we become beyond Duality that we do not require to have this Duality Program of DNA.  I actually have proof, but this is for another time (sit on the edge of your seat more to come).  Anyway my theory is that our DNA is a template of the Duality Limited Belief Systems, that was purposely engrained in the human body to keep you stuck in the limitations of these emotional and physical issues. The issues in your tissues that are predicated on the emotions of instability to keep you from becoming the Whole Real Human and stuck in the figure of infinity, which creates the never ending foundation of the do over Duality Programs of every kind of fear that can be invented. The fears to keep you off balance and in this continuing loop.

Here’s a thought, many have belief systems of past lives. Won’t discount this!  How about looking at it from another angle!  People say there is No Time, say it my Self.  Actually have figured out what time is and what it isn’t.  Another time though!!!  Yes, in Duality there are time lines of history.  I DO NOT BELIEVE in past lives.. What I do believe there is a  time continuum. These experiences in your time line and mine are in our bodies right here right in every moment.  I call it Accessing Your Time Continuum in your current body, which is stored in your Cellular Memory. Remember when I was laughed at in 1991. Well here is another experience of Cellular Memory I am now sharing.  OH Yes, there is more to come, but not right now!

I do have theories on how our DNA came to be, but again not now. Soon though!  Our DNA is imprinted with all sorts of information…Your history (his story, her story, your story, my story) in the DNA.  In our DNA, there is all the information of the human race, how we became the way we are through our timelines as an individual and as a collective part of groups. 

So be open and willing!  Look through history when an idea emerges that changes the course of history and is used in productive ways or even no productive ways, everyone is affected. Let’s just say the industrial revolution.  It changed the course of how we work, do business, produce things, just a fact.  We are in a awesome revolution of technology.  3D Printers, that will affect our lives in so many ways.  Maybe like the hollow deck on the Enterprise. Maybe  we can produce food without growing it in our “usual” ways.  Artificial replac the human race…have more to say about that later..remember I was crazy about Cellular Memory..but consciously crazy.. I will take it.

Now back to the DNA. What if this is a template with a timeline. That thought out history, some special person, like Leonardo Di Vinci’s DNA released to the surface of his cells, this incredible intelligence that was supposed to or not supposed to surface yet.  It was in a way before its time.  He made history though a deep internal intelligence that came to his surface and he became an revolutionary evolutionary. 

My Movement is called Involved Conscious Evolutionary Revolutionary.  You are welcome to join or not.. Follow your heart and your deep internal intelligence!

Again a back to the DNA.  Look through history.  How many groups of people belief systemed that the linages of a group, ethnicity, has to come through the female, the mother, in order to be pure. In some cultures it is known as incest. In other’s it is how the group belief systems are continued. Look I can’t make this S_ _ _ up!  It happened and continues to happen. Wake up. This is not new news. This is what it is?

So if this could be part of our collective DNA, perhaps there are programs in the so called Junk DNA, that is holding these limitations of the Duality Belief Systems!  You know all of the separation programs, you already know them.. religion, politics, ethnicity, race, and on and one and one regardless of the century, year, date or day.  ALL THE SAME..JUST ANOTHER LABEL/NAME!  Be willing to observe and look at history in another way. You WILL SEE THE SAMENESS.  The CONTINUE TO DO IT! WOWZER.  This is not for me. For you, it is not up to me. Yet I do know (yes, here’s a happy commercial).  My friends and clients, their lives personally and professionally they have changed… Happy Healthy Cells, no kidding! Do they have issues in their tissues? Well DAH..look how many cells, molecules and particles our body besides that Duality DNA template.

My goal, my vision, is to support those who would like to free them Selves from the trap of their Duality DNA, clear their cells, molecules, particles to their subatomic levels of their beingness and BECOME HUMAN, I love it!

At this point in time, I don’t care how infected us with this DNA template of limitations, or the Duality Belief Systems of illness, sickness, separation of self and separation from others.  I would love to see in my lifetime, the “birth” of REAL HUMANS, who can create their lives minus the control and manipulation of  the DNA.  Imprinted by who, again I don’t care. This is the time to TAKE BACK OUR POWER TO BE OURSELVES.

Is this revolutionary? For sure! You deserve to be a FULLY EVOLVED HUMAN! Why have disease, why get sick, why have tumultuous relationships with self and with others? Why waste our best commodity..TIME.. trapped in this insidious recycle bin, life time to life time, in this lifetime during this lifetime. Just maybe, our DNA is holding a B.S. Program that we have to have lessons, karma and reincarnate this B.S.over and over again from life time to life time in this lifetime.  What a waste.

There is no amulet, no person, nothing on this planet that change your DNA but you. The way is beginning as NEO Non-Emotional Observe, evaluate your belief systems, do they prevent you from believing in your Self, are you giving our Power Away to some outside source, who says they know more about you then you, to a group that says they are way for you to fit in and go to some place after you die (by the way with 4 Near Death Experiences, you go to where your fear based belief systems take you) that is approved by them! OMG 

Your Clear Consciousness comes from within you.  So again my theory is the DNA is a Duality Trap.  You are the once who can clear it.  If you are made in God’s Image why are you less.  You are not. The Duality Programming makes you less.  You are the MORE.  So be the MORE. Be willing. Embrace Your Self.  And by all means, be willing to see the humor in all of this..whatever the all is.  I do laugh a lot. I also appreciate how I got caught up in some of the B.S.  I appreciate even more Believing in My Self.  

This is the point in your NEO-SELF, your Non-Emotional Observe Self, when you START BELIEVING in Your Self and STOP getting hooked into the infinity loops of Duality wasting your best asset TIME! TIME TO SELF THRIVE BECOMING THE UNLIMITED EXTRAORDINARY HUMAN ARE MEANT TO BE!


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