What is energy? What does energy mean? Can energy be described? Can energy be defined? Can energy be experienced? Can energy be seen? Can energy…. So many questions, yet what are the answers?

There may be more answers than questions believe it or about the subject, idea, description, etc of energy! So in this article… the objective is to give you all sorts of views or ideas of what energy is!  First of all, through the 30 years that I have been doing what I  am doing through my previous and current “descriptions” of what I do… at first, I didn’t know what to call what I do a name or description.  Believe it… or not?  What seemed so natural to me about energy, my question is why did energy have to be described. Or why did I have to describe what I was “doing” for my Self and for others?

Over 20 years ago,  I named what I was “doing” The Empowerment of Healing. Good name. Good description. Healing your Self is empowering. Then it became the QuantumPathic Energy Method.  Based upon the idea of the Quantum Path I C(see) within your Self, my  Self, all Selves. Loved the name. Actually both of these descriptions I could “energetic” in some ways hidden beyond. I was not using my name.

A few years ago a Marketing Guru, as did many people including my clients and friends, suggested I used my name. So the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance evolved. OMG, I am using my name. Currently, in my course, they are now called The Sherry Anshara AHA! Method! The purpose, of course, is to have your own AHA moments through your own Empowerment of Healing Your Self.  Makes sense to me.  FYI this is not about me and my history. This article is about energy and what it is!

In my definition, through the years I have been doing is “work”, energy is for real a bi-product of either being Non Duality Conscious or embedded with Duality limited Belief Systems, the B.S. that affect, as well effect and many times, more than not, infect all our lives, individually and collectively.

So what does all that mean? The more clarity you have, and the more clear you are, the more clear your energy is in your clarity to contribute to your life! This makes it so much easier for your energy to move! When anyone says they are stuck, they are. Consequently, your energy is stuck. Where it is stuck? The physicality of your energy is stuck in whatever place or space inside of you, which is encoded with the Duality Belief Systems of limitation that caused you to be stuck.  Really it is this simple. Only Duality is complicated to create excuses! Hmmmmm!

The more deliberately and clear conscious you are, there is no viable reasonable reason or reasons to be stuck. You are clearly in the moment the Creativity of your life. You are being the Conscious Creator, embracing your natural talent to Create your life using your energy as the power source within you to create, implement, manifest, and now actualize your life.  You are physical, your energy is physical, your life physical and what you actualize is the physicality of your creativity.  WOW…yes, this simple! So much easier, more productive and physically energetically WITH YOUR SELF…. This is what empowerment simply and really means. So Get Real With Your Self!!!

When you physically and emotionally physically, your energy gets bottled up, hence stuck, in gelatinous, goopy, icky, sticky molecules of emotions that are actualized into this yucky substance which then takes up the room in your Clear Conscious Cells. The results are no movement, emotionally and physically stuck through your Duality left computer brain connected to your male (non gender) right side. What happens, the same old same old!  Your energy is stuck not free-flowing as it is meant to be. You become “stuck” into the Redo Platform, though the Redos may appear different, they are the same!  OMG

How can your energy bi-product be flowing if there is an emotional component of stuckness?  FYI…there is no intelligence in emotions ever. Emotional intelligence is an oxymoron… a moron is the key. Now back to the stuckness of your energetic core! The more in charge of your life, the more connected to your subatomic level of you, deep within the Truth of your Core, the more energy you have. This unlimited source of your energy is what now moves.

How does your energy move? This is how!  Energy is physical. Energy has power when you are Clearly Conscious and connected to your Self at your unlimited core. Since your energy is now Power Full and Power Filled as a source, you now Project from your inside out, the unending capacity of your own inner source. You are your Source Code.

The Source Code within you that emits your energetic field, called your aura, electromagnetic field, your bio-energy field, projecting physically and dynamically what, when, where, and why you are creating your life from the inner depths of your Clear Consciousness! Clear, without fear to be WHO YOU ARE!

Your energy can be felt, seen, measured, experienced through you to others. The best way to feel is what you project from your heart, instead of your left Duality Computer Brain, that you require, desire, and deserve to create in your life including the first relationship with your Self, with others, your careers, your paths, there are many, your experiences, your connections, your EVERYTHINGS!

Energy can be seen. Some who are willing to let go of the Duality confines of what you can see or not when you are willing you can see the “field” around a person, whatever it is labeled… aura, electromagnetic, bio-energy… all the same thing. Each “group” just wants to Duality own you! Detach!  

The more willing you are the more you can “see”. At three years old I could the lights around people. My question to my mother, who was wondrously clueless, why are the “lights” around kids so big and the “lights” around big people are so little? Just consider this question. Kids are closer to their own source and not so deliberately programmed by the Duality limitations of religions, politics, ethnicity, all the programs. They are purer! Just a fact.

Energy can be measured through both feeling your own energy transmissions as well as others. The Kirlian cameras to measure the field (aura, electromagnetic, and bio-energy) were invented by Semyon Kirlian. In 2002 I was studied at the University of Arizona for a week as a lab rat…so much fun! They measured my field almost every day.  Amazing! We are all amazing!

Energy can be defined.. again as stuck or free flowing. How your energy is defined is up to you. I trust this will trigger you to ask more questions, to discover the magnificence of YOU and Your Energy Field and how to use your energy more productively for you, your and how and what, when, where, and why you are placing your Energy to benefit Your Life and Others!




“Your energy field says a lot about you…what is it saying?”
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