Restore to health, make well, nurse back to health, mend, repair, make good and cure are all definitions of healing.   But what is healing?  Where does it start?  How does it occur?  How does it work?

If you break your leg, you would see an orthopedic doctor to set your leg and wait for the leg to heal.  If you cut yourself on your finger, you may apply an antibiotic ointment or disinfectant, and wait for your finger to heal.  The truth is the body does know how to heal itself on this physical level.

However, when your emotional body is hurt, the body is not as easily healed as the broken bone or cut.   The damage may not appear on the surface.  The injury is felt deep within the body at the cellular level.   The hurt can go so deep that it permeates your spirit and your soul levels.  As your whole self begins to be affected on these levels your physical body begins to weaken.  Emotional hurt comes in many forms.  It can be caused from both psychological and physical abuse.   It can begin at any time.  At its foundation is the giving up of your personal power.  And the emotional hurt affects you at your cellular level, resulting in your core registering your injury.

The more the emotions are disturbed, the more your body’s physical energy and levels of consciousness become disenfranchised.   As the disruption in your cellular consciousness increases, you increasingly give your power away.   The energy of the emotions begins a downward spiral,  and it feels like you are losing control of your life. The truth is…you are. You become drained of energy.  Your body feels drained.  Depression, disease, illness, and behavioral dysfunctions can result.  Your healthy, productive life is threatened. It can sometimes take a long time to process before the body breaks down completely, physically and emotionally. Your physical body is resilient and may not give in to these threats for a long time. Your body is amazing.  It can sustain a tremendous amount of emotional pain.  But is it worth your life?

As the ramifications of illness take hold of your life, the entire perspective of life around you alters.  Relationships change, behaviors change, insecurities and fears abound.  The progression of illness can become all encompassing.  The illness is sustained through the emotional body and is supported by fear.  The fear may be about losing your relationship with your spouse, family or friends, losing your job, money, or worse case scenario, your life.  As this it happening, you are giving away your power to the fear, preventing you from having a healthy, productive life.

So what is emotional healing?  It is taking back your power. It is empowering yourself to go to your cellular level to review the issues and fears and acknowledge that you have created everything and everybody in your life. It requires courage to do this. It means becoming the observer of your life, not from judgment or from right and wrong, but simply from the perspective of what did you learn about yourself from all of these experiences. It means asking yourself what did you learn about yourself from all of the people with whom you have participated.  Letting go of blame, judgment and “right and wrong” are significant keys to healing those emotional hurts and wounds.  You cannot change your past, but you can change your view on how your past will affect your future by what you do in the present time through this letting go process.  You, absolutely, can move pro-actively forward in life with new perspectives, new creativity and new relationships.  You can heal the old relationships and give yourself permission to keep them or move on.

Healing begins when you make the commitment to yourself.  You have the power within you.  It is nowhere else.  And the healing begins on all the levels in your body, physical, emotional and spiritual.  At your soul level, healing never stops. Your soul within you is part of your time continuum.  It never dies, it continues to learn and continues to heal on all other dimensions.  You are timeless, so choose this lifetime to heal the past(s).  Right now is the right time to do it.  Choose it. You deserve it.