Why is it so much easier to remember those past awful experiences you have had?

Maybe these situations were from childhood, or traumas experienced in those challenging teenage years.  Perhaps they were from circumstances from those early stages of young adulthood or maybe some of these experiences happened recently in your life.  These problematic preexisting traumas can be debilitating.  They will impact the productivity and health of your current situation in negative ways if you let them.  The challenge always seems to be is how to overcome these situations and stop them from interfering in your present-day life.

One way is to stop dwelling on them.  Keep your mind clear and be mindful not to let your Self be drawn back into the past.  Focus your awareness on the moment at hand.  Keep your head clear of negative thoughts.  Why hold your Self back from accomplishing your goals by being stuck in the past experiences that are over and done.  You can not change the past.

However, you can use the past as a frame of reference without the emotional ties.

Utilize the dysfunctional situations as learning tools so that you do not to repeat old patterns.  Been there, done that.  It is never necessary to repeat the traumas over again once your have consciously chosen to see them as an event of the past.  All that counts is what you are doing now.  By examining the past negative situations, you allow your Self to objectively see how you got caught up in a situation.

Since all your past experiences have not been negative, you now have another alternative avenue to use the past to benefit your present time.  How do you do that?

Remember those wonderful experiences, when you were rewarded, recognized, and honored for something you did.  Sit somewhere comfortably or lay down on your bed or couch.  Close your eyes, inhale through your nose, breathing deep into your abdomen, blowing out your breaths through your mouth, do this half dozen times until you are completely relaxed.

Now ask your body to remember those good times, those times when you were acknowledged and recognized for being you, and allow your body, cell by cell, molecule by molecule, particle by particle to remember those wonderful experiences.  Within minutes your body will begin to feel better, your energy levels will rise, and you will feel more balanced.  You have helped your Self and your body to get centered and realigned, ready for positive action.

Now you have a simple tool to use your consciousness and your memories to keep you out of negative thoughts.  You stop focusing on the bad experiences and you deliberately utilize those good times to get you back on track.  It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort for the benefits you receive from your Self from the past good times that can help you now.