This is the loaded question that so many ask through their journey to becoming more than just a figment of some limited Duality Belief System or someone else’s idea of who you are supposed to be.      


 Well if you are expecting me or anyone to give you your answer, then for sure you are either out of your body and/or not at all connected to your Self.  When you have to ask your Self this question over and over again, from what SELF are you asking the question?  Is it the small s self that is the product of limitations: the not good enough, invisible, sabotaged hooked person, emotionally attached to the past and the B.S. Duality Programs.  Or is the capital S SELf, who is sick and tired of being sick and tired and willing to move beyond all these limitations that are placed on you? 

The next frequently asked question is…

 “Am I ready?” 

And the continuation of the question… “Am I really ready to do what it takes to free my Self from the programming?  Or am I WILLING?   Ready has nothing to with it? You cold bore Your Self to death with being ready??? If you believe in other lifetimes, then ask your Self how many times, did you “bore” your Self to death, through what critical  means of:  illness, beheading, murder, battlefield (FYI is duality) old age, killed (omg there are so many ways, etc, etc, etc, did you do “it”?  Waiting, waiting, waiting to see if you are ready…until another oops happens!  Sometimes life and death if you believe in re-incarnation is like an in and out burger…in and out, in and out, in and out.. you get it! Now get out of line and being to align your Self with your Self.

 How many experiences, boring lessons, experiences, oops I did it again am I expecting my Self to do…again and again?   If you don’t believe in re-incarnation of a continuum, then observe your Self.  How many repeated relationships, experiences, oops I did it again have you experienced in your life?   STOP!  Please don’t judge your Self. You could say.. damn.. am I good or what???  Now I don’t have to do it again.  Unless something you do is working, then by all means do it again and again and again and enjoy your experiences that you are creating..  IF your repeated experiences do not may you happy, are not fun, are not bringing joy to your life…NOW you have come to the changing point. You can call it your Zero Point!

What is my Zero Point?

 Look at the clock.. when the clocks strike 12…you have the option of going backward into the unchangeable past and repeat the oops..or you can say to your Self… Zeroing out the past, without wronging it, I am going in any and all the directions on my clock, my time frames, my ways.. and begin as NEO Non Emotional Observer, to take ahold of my life, my body, my computer/brain, my everything about me and INVENT MY SELF BRAND NEW! 

The Unknown!!! The Best Place

 To shift, change, turn, flip, whatever direction dip your toes into the unknown?” OH SCARY…you have been taught.. Hmmmm??? Consider the same old same old is really scary.  It is REALLY not the unknown that is terrifying, scary… as NEO Non Emotional Observer.. what is terrifying, scary is the known that is not working! It is the Oops Know which is really scary!  Step Back!  Step sideways, step up, step in any direction that is not going to pull you into the oops again! 

Embrace the Unknown..The place of Creation!

If the Duality Belief Systems (b.s.) of limitations/recreations  programs create and support all the trauma dramas, wars, conflicts over and over again, and these fear based manifestations occur over and over again.  Throughout your life/lives, your continuum, you are affected, effected and infected by the realizations which is the Big T of Truth.  Duality is the known place linking the same past, present and future, bound together. 

And so it is! So above so below (be-low)

In Duality… in the fabric of time.. using so-ing (sewing) as the metaphor, you keep sowing the same stuff from the same seeds of Duality.. History repeats itself. No kidding.. different uniform!  Yes, a UNI-(one)form!  The Duality Uniform that keeps everyone dressed the same from the inside out! 

Not only is it so above so below…it is so sideways, so forward, so backwards, so so!  Rich/poor…happy/sad…have/have not/…sacrifice/suffer….my way/my highway…your way/your highway..never the twain shall meet… impossible to meet when you are not sure what time line or if you are above or below. How can anything change, shift, happen, explore, if you are in a uniform that does not work for you?

From Oness to Allness (Everything)

You are the NOT the same as everyone.  No wonder Duality can bore you or anyone to death!!! With sameness.. boring!  You are unique.


YOU ARE HERE!!!  You are here to create your experiences.  You are here to use your unlimited creativity.  You are here to express your Self.  You are here to have relationships.  You are here to participate in all sorts of ways.  Let you count the ways!!!

Let your so above so below (no low) be your directions to walk, talk, be your paths.  As a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional person.. there is no room, not time to be bored or repeat anything that looks like a repeated boring lesson.  Skip the lessons. Embrace creating your experiences that serve you, honor you, and embrace your life, your relationships, personal and/or professional. You are experiences are yours.  Be NEO.. Non Emotional Observer, teach your Self, skip the lessons!  Skip the oops!  Enjoy, have fun and be amazing by the ALLNESS of you when you are the Connectedness of your body, spirit, mind with your HEARTNESS from the inside out, so above, so below, so sideways, so in all ways always!  Be!

“If life is what you make it….what would you like to make?”
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