Believe it or not, your Aura, also called your Electro-Magnetic Field and your Bio-Energy Field, has various bands of consciousness that provide information about you. Your Aura field gives out vibrations and frequencies that other individuals “pick-up”. If there is compatibility, a match is made, whether romantic or friendship, you are resonating with another person. If there is no resonance, the other individual could be perceived as an “enemy” or at least someone that you don’t like! You could say you are either on the same wave length or not!

Your first Aura Band is the Physical Auric Body, which is next to your physical body. For those who can feel or even see this field, they may experience a bulging or distension in this band which could represent an illness or disease emanating from your body. “Readers” or psychics “read” this field, whether they are aware of it or not. They are obtaining information about your memories from this band that are embedded there. When you are ill or feeling “off”, mucus, toxins and particles are sloughed off through this band from your body.

Next to your Physical Auric Band is your Etheric Body, may be clear with color or cloudy, dense and heavy feeling. This field holds all sorts of your information, sometimes appearing like a movie to a “reader” gleaning your history, your aspirations, your fears, your thought waves, and even your connections to other people in your past or current life. Your Double Etheric Band incorporates all three bands; Physical, Etheric and Vital Aura Bands as one. However, your Etheric Double Band is the ghost, doppelganger, or ectoplasm that gets “stuck” here in this dimension if you are “hanging on” to this realm. You become the ghost instead of moving on!!! How interesting is that!

The third Aura Band of consciousness is your Vital Auric Body, which emits and receives energy from the sun, moon, earth, and people you encounter throughout your life’s journey. A high or low energy resonance in this band depends upon your health, well being and your level of fears and negativity. This band has a direct correlation to your Chakra Systems. Whether your Chakras are balanced or imbalanced is crucial to your emotional state of consciousness. Therefore your state of consciousness has an impact on the stability or imbalance of your Auric Bands.

There are many other aspects of your Aura that tell so much about you. The largest field is ovoid or egg shaped that surrounds your body. Your lower Mental Auric Body explains your everyday process. It will show whether you are in a survival or prosperity consciousness. Your mental health is felt in this band. Your higher Mental Auric Body is your link to the Universe, crescent in shape, analogous to your cradle of higher consciousness. Your Spiritual Auric Body is Mother of Pearl, your Female Energy linked to your God Source. The Goddess in action!

You are a plethora of colors, greens, blues, reds, oranges, yellows, gold, silver, browns, grays, blacks and whites. You are all shades and hues of the spectrum.
What the colors say about you reflect your health, your mental state of being, your humor, your attitude, yourself! Everything about you lives in your Aura. What lives inside of you, your thoughts, aspirations, dreams and fears, lives in your Aura.

When you don’t have an Aura Field you have left the Planet. Your consciousness never dies; you just transform and move on, unless you choose to stay “stuck”! Good Grief, did you ever imagine that “being stuck” could apply to both your life and your death? Perhaps evolution of consciousness is the solution? Don’t forget…your Aura has a lot to say about you!!!