There are so many caveats to the ideas of healing, it would almost seem impossible to figure out a system for your Self.  Now link spirituality to healing and the scale goes off the charts.  Let’s now add the medical and scientific ideas into the mix to see what happens.  Then if that is not enough, let’s add in home remedies, cultural remedies, and even the out of the even more out of the box ideas of how you can heal your Self.  

The variety of offers to heal is as diverse as people are.  Yes, they are.  Then there is the assortment and collection of ancient, current and who knows future types and brands for healing.  Even as the technology develops and the abilities of the technology increase and becomes more specific, there is the focus that illness, disease, dysfunction, and “diagnoses” can be easier understood within the body including finding ways to speed up healing.  This is progress for sure!  

Within each community that focuses on “healing”, whether medicine (alternative and allopathic in any form), science, metaphysics, shamans, witch doctors, and the list goes on…all are focused on supporting the person/patient to have a healthy long life.  This is the best objective for sure.

However, each group focuses on the “different” differences within each person’s body.  Everyone is unique.  They may be diagnosed with the same disease, illness, and/or dysfunction, the most challenging issue in these scenarios, is everyone is unique within their own body.  Believe it or not, illness, disease, dysfunction, and whatever disorders describe, each person is unique.  Each person, through their continuum, has had, yes similar, yet never the same experiences as those in their families, the groups in which they are a member, and anywhere they participate, you and each of you are unique in your own Selves.  Your continuum may appear to be the same, but there are always differences.  

You can call these growths changes, shifts, deaths, migration, immigration, or stay stationary.  How interesting is life?  Looking at life from a NEO Non Emotional Observer standpoint, you will see so much in life, your own life, and others’ lives.  

Not only in the ideas of the varieties of healing, look at all the modalities, procedures, techniques, practices, procedures, but the lists also go on and on.  The Reasons?!!!  The amazing creativity and capabilities of people throughout the ages, eons, stages, centuries, years, decades, you label the time frames and how individuals creatively came up with such methods.  Each time frame usually has specific methods, even as technology grows, or not, the contribution of creativity to the idea of “healing” is endless within that society, civilization, and or era.  You can even call it progress.  However, that may not be the truth!  Always in Duality true, not necessarily the facts and truth.

What happens so often is the interpretation of some method.  The construct of this method or that method, may not, in fact, fit everyone.  Here in lies the rub!  The originator or creator of the method may have had some other idea for “healing” than what was interpreted or taught.  This is not a judgment.  From my own perspective I can very well comprehend when I created my own method… 1st the QuantumPathic Energy Method and then secondly…The Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance and for teaching The Anshara AHA! Method.  

One aspect that I looked at in many modalities, methods, practices, etc, is that most of the answer were expected to be answered outside of the person’s body, not inside.  Again I am not judging in any way.  Through technology, through methods, whatever the technique, finding answers for healing the body is the best.  I totally agree.

However, in my own method, not right nor wrong, from my own personal experiences of accidents, deaths, whatever, I was very interested in finding that place or places inside of my Self or someone that would have clearer, deeper, more specific answers.  Of course, this is when the idea in 1991 came to me about Cellular Memory.  This is when the body is perfect, though it is influenced by my own, your own, and everyone’s own Cellular Memory through each individual continuum!  I knew for my Self I was on to something.

So back to the origin of this article… “What is healing anyway?”  Healing, yes is getting well, staying healthy, and living a productive life.  Healing naturally, if taught to children by conscious adults can make tremendous differences in their lives and their future lives.

How would that be?  To teach, guide, include, involve children to connect to their own bodies.  To make them consciously aware of their bodies.  This is not to overwhelm them.  The idea of keeping their bodies healthy and in a natural state of perpetual health, then by showing them how to connect to their own bodies from the inside out, they will be stronger and more fit for their own lives.

Actively involving them in their own health and lives supports them to not just look “outside” of themselves for their own answers, yet to be included in their own health.  The more connected children are to themselves, the easier it is for their bodies to be healthy and stay healthy from the inside out!  What an idea?  A healthy child growing up to be a healthy teen, adult at any age or stage!

It doesn’t mean physical and emotional problems can’t happen.  They can.  Yet with a strong foundation of Self-Connection, a huge difference it will make for the individual and then the collective.  This is not pie in the sky, this is how we can teach others to honor our own bodies.  

The question to ask… “Do you, me or anyone have to get sick?”  The better question to ask of our Selves is, can we maintain a healthy life?  It is up to the individuals and the individual families.  If children can be asked all sorts of questions throughout life… then why can’t one of the best questions be… for all of us…. “how can we support children from the beginning to recognized the brilliance, intelligence, and intellect in their bodies known as Cellular Memory?”   Children have been taught to memorize… history, math, language, the list goes on!  Would it be so much more conscious to teach them clearly about how smart their bodies are?  

One of the major purposes of the body is to live your life/lives through this amazing physical structure, the body,  so all of us can have extraordinary, exceptional, and healthy experiences. To live a long healthy life! Perhaps beginning the practical education that healing is natural and begins from the inside out.  All the methods from the outside in, let them be the compliments to keeping your body, everyone’s body healthy, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially with a long life!  


“Healing is addressing your issues in your tissues!”

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