Money, money, money has been the mantra, especially since the 1950’s striving for the American dream.  What has happened to that dream?  Are we reaping the no rewards for the chase to get as many “dead presidents” in our bank accounts, in our stocks, in our bonds, and discover that one dollar is worth one cent?  What happened to the dream?

Are we living the nightmare?  What happen to the belief system (B.S. Program)….you grow up, get married, have children and live happily ever after…after what? Is there a glitch in this Madison Avenue picture?  Did we buy the ad but, at last, are finally getting a wake up call?  What are the worth and the cost of this chase?  Why is the nightmare in force as the reality for so many who have lost their homes, lost their jobs, lost their relationships, or just lost their grip on the dream? Do we dare ask… “Could there be any gain from this loss? Is there one?

Let’s look at all of this from a difference perspective.  Perhaps it is time to acknowledge, without judging any of it, that what is happening now is not what the “dead presidents” dream pursuit has been at all.  Could it be these results are showing us how empty this pursuit has left everyone?

Money can not buy connections to your Self or to others, your family, your friends, anyone for that matter.  The trickster says you can.  Oh sure, you can buy love. Really?  Unconditional love does not have a dollar sign.  A convoluted belief system is that money solves everything is indeed convoluted.  You cannot buy a connection to someone’s heart.  You can buy them if they are willing to sell their soul for a “dead president” but the buck stops when and where the money runs out. Empty again?

All the money in the world can not solve what is happening around the world, especially in the United States.  The drug problems, the dysfunctional relationships, the higher than high divorce rate, these debilitating problems that are plaguing our society can not just be “cured” by printing more money.

Being disconnected from Self and being disconnected from the clear core values which represent what life is really about on this planet.  When you are disconnected from Self, you are disconnected. That’s the bottom line. Money does not make the relationship unless being emotionally attached to a ‘dead president” is what a relationship means to you.

Money, things, “trying”, “trying” and “trying” to follow empty role models is creating even more disconnections.  Drug addicted celebrities as role models?  Is this a joke?  What reality is this?  Wake up?  Being hooked on dysfunctional reality shows of badly behaving individuals who are desperate for attention, even at the expense of their souls for their 15 minutes of distasteful fame to grab onto empty “dead presidents” throwing them around like worthless pieces of papers.  Desperately they are buying all the accoutrements to make themselves appear as having some sort of value for their bad behaviors.  Role models?  Not so much!  Dead presidents can not validate anyone no matter how many you have.  You have to validate your Self.

Here’s a short productive mantra:

“I am the only one who can validate me,

For those outside of me who validate me,

I thank them…

And for those that don’t… OH WELL!

From a non-emotional detached point of view, let’s not belabor all the negative stuff that is going on.  Let’s take another approach. This time could be the best opportunities to re-evaluate all the emotional turmoil that is permeating this world.  Let’s take a look as a non-emotional observer, look at all this dysfunction and say… “Hey wait a minute…isn’t it time for a shift in consciousness?  Isn’t it time to consciously evolve without dragging all this past forward?

We can not change any of the past.  We can certainly begin to change the future right now.  The systems are breaking down.  The systems are not working anymore.  The old belief systems are not working anymore.  Time to Grow-Up and evolve consciously folks.

Stop hanging on to paradigms that prevent you from connecting to your Self.  You have to connect to your Self.  Look inside you.  What is your life worth?  Is it worth the self- deprivation, the depression, the fear of failure?  Stop looking outside of your Self for your value and worth.  You are a creative individual, no matter what anyone or any limited belief systems tells you.

Stop listening to sources outside of you, that don’t know you from the inside out.  Start listening to your heart and your inner guidance.  Stop telling your stories over and over again and get out of your head.  You and your life are not stories, they are experiences.  Some good, some not so hot! You can’t change any of it. But you can learn from your Self.

You absolutely can change your future.  Start now. Give your Self a clean slate.  Start with you. Stop chasing dead presidents. Start following your heart and your Self. The only way to change a paradigm is to create one that is not a repeat of the old paradigm that is not working in your life.  You can not fix anything. You are not a tube of crazy glue.  Why fix something that does not work any more? Use your abilities to create something brand new.  Don’t waste any more minutes of your life, judging your Self, beating your Self up and wallowing in regret, remorse or guilt.  This is a waste of your valuable time.

As you change the collective paradigm within your Self, you influence the collective consciousness outside of you.  Maybe it is only one person at a time, but it is a start.  Start with your Self as the one person first.  You may have a brilliant idea that could create a new industry, a new something or other that can change the world. Let go of the old history because it is old his-tory.  No more stories!  Create experiences that support you with a healthy productive and prosperous life.  Get out of the dead president’s boxes. Explore life as though you have seen it for the first time.

Remember money is not a bad thing.  Money is energy.  How you use the energy of money as a tool that supports you emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially is the key to a successful life.  If you are chasing the buck to give you credibility, you will be incredibly disappointed at the end of the chase.  Dead Presidents can’t validate you or your life.  Living a healthy life with loving and connected relationships is the wealth of life. You are alive.