TRUST….according to the thesaurus.. it is Faith, Belief, Hope, Conviction Confidence, Expectation, Reliance, Dependence and the list of words go on!  The words that describe TRUST are all basically Duality words of victimhood.  OMG!  This is not what TRUST is supposed to mean!

Look at the word Faith, the idea is commitment, constancy, dedication, allegiance, and again that word.. belief.  How about the word hope… a chance, a prospect, a likelihood, a promise.  Both these words faith and hope are based upon someone else’s idea or belief system, the b.s.  Not judging these words! Words have life or not.  Words have substance or not!  These two words in Duality do not have substance within your Self.  They are words to look outside of your Self to see validation.  Again not judging these words… yet when they become your Wordology is Your Biology, they are predicated on the belief systems of Duality, the b.s. that you must seek faith and hope outside of your Self.  Not very empowering at all.

Conviction!  Well, this is the word!!!  When you are convicted.. you have committed a crime.  What about a crime against your Self when you are taught a victim program and have unconsciously convicted your Self to settle for less than instead of MORE!  Conviction how can that be connected to your own TRUST!

The TRUST within me is not based on conviction.  I don’t have to convict my Self or anyone else. The TRUST in my heart is the resonance that makes sense to me. 

Confidence in Duality terms is Belief, Faith and Conviction.  According to the thesaurus, these words are interlinked and connected.  The difference in Non-Duality is these words are not generated from the left computer brain of the Duality limitation brainwashing.  These words, when generated from your Heart, your Non-Duality Heart/Brain… TRUST begins to make sense. 

Trust is generated from your real brain, your Non-Duality Heart.  Your Non-Duality Heart carries a resonance of expansion, unlimitedness, and connectedness to YOU, YOUR SELF, YOUR ABILITIES TO CREATE, IMPLEMENT, MANIFEST, AND ACTUALIZED YOUR LIFE AS YOU TRUST YOUR SELF!

Look at the word expectations!  OMG in Duality anxiety is unrealistic expectations.  When something is unrealistic then how can TRUST be real?  What a Duality oxymoron, moron being the case.  In the words expectations, there is no flexibility, there is no influence of credibility or “confidence”!  Expectations are not real.  They are the realities of Duality brainwashing.  Expectations do not have substance.  How can TRUST and expectations be the same?  Ask your Self!!!

Reliance now there a word.  In Duality can you rely on that the “expected”, and anticipated results are reliable. Look throughout history!  Look throughout your own history without Self-judgment or judgment of any kind, could you reply on something, someone, or some “outcome”, when there is no match or connection to what you are being, doing, and creating.  This idea of reliance can “set” someone up, you or me, for disappointment.  In Duality you can TRUST that!  Not my kind of TRUST, no thank you!  

Now, look at the word.. dependence! WOW how victimizing is this.  This is not the same as counting on someone who supports and connects with you outside of Duality.  Non Duality dependence is dependable.  This word now does not have any resonance of victimhood attached.  You are dependable to your Self, as well as others to you and each other.  This is not based on Duality’s victim/victimizer belief systems, the b.s.!

“How you are treated is how you give people permission to treat you!” Sherryism

The huge conscious difference is the word BELIEVING…in your Self, your abilities to actualize your life, your experiences, your relationships, your everything.. when they are based upon your own inner guidance of your non-duality heart… 


“Trust your Heart…is smart…to Trust Your Heart!”
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