Ever notice how people are always waiting for something to happen? Waiting to be happy!  Waiting to be lose weight?  Waiting for the perfect time? Waiting for their ship to come in?  Waiting for the ax to fall?  Waiting to win the lottery! Waiting for the world to end!  What?

FYI, just as a side note, they did announce on CNN that the world would not end.  There was a mistake in the Mayan Calendar.  Really???  Wait a minute.  Wasn’t the world going to end at the turn of the century from the 1800’s to the 1900’s?  Wasn’t the world going to end with Hale Bop?  Let’s see how many times you have waited for the world to end.  Remember Y2K?  Hmmm? 

There are so many scenarios that have to do with waiting.  It is amazing how anything gets accomplished with all this waiting around, waiting for something to happen.  But what does happen when you spend your whole life waiting?  Ever wonder… if you have spent your valuable time waiting around and you missed the happening because the happening happened when you were waiting around for the happening to happen?

Sure, sounds like double talk! Let’s examine that never-ending cycle of the wait.

What is really going on when you are in the “wait” mode?  Life is going on!  That is what is going on.  Have you ever considered what you might have missed when your focus was on the “wait”?

Did you gain or lose weight while you were waiting? Do you say that you are going to buy some new clothes when you lose or gain the weight that you have been waiting to lose or gain? Isn’t this exhausting, all this waiting?  But the funny thing is, not only did you, perhaps, not lose or gain the weight, but you lost opportunities by focusing on the “weight of the wait”!

Are you getting the picture?  The density or heaviness that your body has to endure while you are in the wait mode weighs heavily on your abilities to fully participate in your life.  Is it worth the value of you and your amazing creative talents to imprison your Self in the wait mode?

Maybe the best world to end is the cycle of the “waiting world” where boredom and non-productivity reign and you are stuck always waiting.  Stop waiting for anything to happen in your life.  Make life happen for your Self.  There is no reasonable reason to not be actively involved every minute of your day being and doing your life.  Even when you are chilling out, hanging out, meditating or just being in the joy of being alive, you don’t have to wait!  Stop missing out on life.  The wait is over.  Life is creatively full!

Sherry Anshara

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