What is reverse engineering? Reverse-engineering is the act of dismantling an object to see how it works. It is done primarily to analyze and gain knowledge about the way something works but often is used to duplicate. To reverse engineer something is to look beyond what is evident on the surface and find a hidden structure — one that reveals both how an object or idea was designed!

What does this mean? How can this be applied to you? What is the affect, effect and infect of reverse engineering? Are there time frames and timelines connected to reverse engineering?

Wow! Now… how about deconstructing the paradigm of reverse engineering and apply this principle to Duality!!! What a fabulous idea! Especially now is to reverse engineer Duality from a NEO Non-Emotional view as you, me and the reader of this article consider the principles of Duality!

What are the principles of Duality? According to Webster’s dictionary the definition is that the meaning of DUALITY is the quality or state of having two different or opposite parts or elements: dualism; also: a difference between two opposite things: a division into two opposites!  

The most stand out word in this definition is OPPOSITES! In the paradigm of Duality, it says opposites attract. Yet looking back as NEO Non Emotional Observer throughout “his”tory, the attraction of opposites attract, and the attraction seems to be conflict. The attraction seems to be in the architype, model, design, and pattern of Duality summed up in this one word…Conflict!

FYI in Duality, in the narrative of this article about Duality, there is a description of “his”tory. Why? From a foundational core or basis, Duality is very much male driven.  This is not about gender at all. Male driven is the left computer brain, that re-creates seemingly different scenarios, yet at the core they are the same. The sameness is the conflict.  

The left computer brain directs its Duality programming into actions of conflict to the right male side of the body to “man”ifest, “man”ufacture and “man”ipulate what is being generated or produced through the engrained recycle bins of the Duality programming. Though the manifestations of what is being created from the left computer brain may appear different throughout the timelines, the results appearing seemingly different at the core are the same.  WAR, whether personal or professional, is the recurring result!

The War begins inside because of the repeatable Duality templates, though appearing again and again, seemingly different, at the root or causation of Duality, it is “oops I, or a group, a nation, a country, a faction, a family, did the war again and again. At the root of the conflict is always being “right” and the opposition is “wrong”. Depending on which side the conflict is, the “force” is always separation and opposition!  

Funny and yet not funny, this is how Duality works. Duality is not fun and is not funny by any means or stretch of the imagination. The imagination factor of creativity is the Dualistic action and battle of conflict. Where does this conflict begin? It begins in the Duality Programming directed through marketing of any given “leaders”! These leaders, sway their followers, their masses, to follow them.  

Looking throughout “his”tory or even “her”story, the Royalty, these individuals “decide” for their followers how their followers are supposed to live their lives. To “perform” as good disciples of the “leaders” or “rulers” But what? What if the rules really don’t honor the followers? This happens are the time.  

A rebellion or revolt happens! The leader or leaders are out and the followers are in. The followers are in and become the leaders. Until???? The Reverse Engineering happens again. At this point some Aha’s may start going off in your Right Computer Brain that is in conflict with your Left Computer Brain! The rebellion is happening right in your own brain.

However, your real brain, your heart is being challenged to the max. The physicality of all this war, rebellion and the Aha’s within your human body is trying to find a place of balance. Off balance becomes the impractical stance. At an even deeper core of the paradigms of Duality is the difficulty of standing for your Truth. This is taking a stand for your Self outside of the current paradigm of Duality. The paradigm of Duality in any given timeline is predicated on the “rules” of the Duality games at the time. 

Looking throughout “his”tory, there are so many seemingly different paradigms of events, different places around the world, different costumes of the times, different leaders and different followers… different, different, different, yet at the core the same. The sameness of the Duality oppositional conflict. 

From the inside out, personally and professionally, especially now, this inside conflict is the most amazing place…especially right now! This is the paradigm shift, the changing points, the place of questioning from within you has begun!!! Question everything. Even question history.  Marketing, whatever the timeline or timeliness, marketing by the so-called leaders is the way of swaying the individual, in this timeline…YOU to be in conflict with your Self. 

Remember to keep you from becoming the greatest, fullest, best YOU, is through Reverse Engineering Marketing. Keeping your in Reverse of your Self. Keep you in conflict with your Self.  To keep you under “con”trol, is the Reverse Engineering of you though the separation programming of the Dualistic systematic marketing to be kept separated from the Wholeness of you.

In this country today, with the “best” healthcare system, illnesses, diseases, and dysfunctions are off the charts. WHY? To keep you from connecting to your best source of health. Your Cellular Memory!!! Your Cellular Memory is your infinite intelligence and intellect in your body. Yet through Duality marketing you are taught, programmed, trained, and “educated” t look outside of your Self for your answers. 

Your answers are inside of you. This is why assisting and supporting YOU to be YOU is the best!  Seeing so many individuals over the years, connect to them Selves from the inside out, watching them “heal” naturally their emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial issues that are connected within them. Yet through the Duality marketing programming, they “realized with real eyes” how they had been manipulated to not fully believe in them Selves!

And now they do. So can you!






“Your Cellular Memory is your best Engineer and shows you how you work?”
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