So many times you, me, or anyone get caught up in the traps, no judgment, of events, situations, experiences, and even relationships from the past that the current moments get clouded by these circumstances. Too many times, the current moments with this cloudiness from the past, cloud what is going on now! Can you relate?

What this can be called is “Stuckness”! When you or anyone gets stuck in the past, the Truth is your left computer brain in the Cellular Memorizations of the traumas, dramas, and/or situations that are physically “stuck” in that left part of the brain, which connects to your “right” male side, non-gender, the Repeat Cycle continues to be recycled.  

This repeat is called re-create, re-create, re-create…all based upon the emotional and emotional physical issues stuck in the left computer brain that “forces” your body, in whatever area the trauma is taken in, the Cellular Memorizations of this trauma defined as “stuckness” corrupts the healthy cells. Illness, disease, and/or dysfunctions are the results. All emotional-driven from the left computer brain as signals to the area of your body that can be the weakest or the most compromised.

This is WHY, when my clients say to have the “dia”gnosed with whatever the label, the questions are always asked… “Totally get, yet when did it start?” The when did it start is the issue in the tissues that manifested and actualized after weeks, months, and even years of the Cellular Memorizations of the traumas embedded in the left computer brain.  

These emotional occurrences then affect, effect, and infect your body wherever your body is the weakest. The plethora of labels of the diseases is assigned to that particular area of the body.  The label through your left computer brain reinforces the issues in your tissues.  

Deteriorations begin at the origination point of the emotional and physical emotional traumas at your Cellular Level of Consciousness. The Cellular Memorizations of the traumas, the dramas, the labels, and descriptions of the issues in your tissues establish the “force” from your left computer brain, your body is “forced” to go along with the labels.  

The descriptions of your illness, disease, and/or dysfunctions override your Clear, working Cellular Memory of your body in your cells operating perfectly is overridden. The Duality domination of the left computer brain Cellular Memorizations become the established labels of disease, illness, and dysfunction.  Your body, again, is “forced” to go along with this left computer brain programming.   

At this point, chemicals, called drugs, not judging it, are introduced into the brain, again forcing a once healthy body of Cellular Memory to decline! This is repeatable Duality behavior which further disconnects you or anyone from the intelligence and intellect with the amazing human body to continue to separate you from you from the outside in! This is the principle of the Duality affect, effect, and then “infect” you!  

The infect, whatever the labels or labels of conditions, lower your immune system through the “con”trol of your left computer brain, your body is forced to go along and you get “sick”! This Duality Paradigm works every time.

However, there is a moment of clarity within that says, NO!!! NO MORE! I consciously choose to connect to my Self. I consciously choose to “Heal” My Self! I consciously choose to be Healthy! These are the moments when the intelligence and intellect of your body, your Clear Cellular Memory takes over! 

These are the moments of enough is enough!  I had enough!  I chose to be My Self. I choose to be well! I choose to create, implement, manifest, and now “actualize” my Life as ME!!! The ME/WE of you is your multi-dimensional Self.  


As you begin to fully consciously accept Who You Are and let go of Who You Are Not, shifts, changes, and your Transformation begins!  Within you at your Clear Pure Cellular places and spaces of your Non-Duality Multi-Dimensional Consciousness begins within your cells, particles, and molecules to your Sub-atomic Levels of your ME/WE to activate the REALNESS YOU!

The exciting creative Consciousness places within you become active!!! You are not only empowering your Self from the inside out…YOU RECOGNIZE YOU ARE THE POWER! You are the POWER SOURCE of YOU! 

This Power Source is the resonance that produces the results that you create, implement, manifest, and actualize every moment of your life. This is the Power Source of your resonance of your BEINGNESS. This Beingness is your Multi-Dimensional Self! This is your ME/WE of YOU!

Through your Willingness to be Your Self, you BECOME YOUR SELF! You are and have always been Multi-Dimensional! The limitations of the Duality left brain “con”trol programming separated YOU from YOU!

Opportunity Time! This is the most opportune time for YOU! As you Become YOU, a whole Newness World opens. You recognize being unlimited is WHY you choose to be YOU in the most remarkable ways. Yes remarkable WAYS, plural! 

As you become connected to YOU from within YOU in this resonance of Non-Duality, the shift in your resonance from the inside out becomes the healthy, alive, the essence of the Real Human within you!  

All the limitations are so irrelevant. The relevancy is YOU! The Perfect YOU!







“Be You, Be Real and Your Life is Real!”
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