Last week, July 17, 2023, loved writing the article about Bi-Location. This week, one week later, here is Bi-Location Part II! Well, this is Duality!!! Correct? Good, bad, high, low, my way or the highway, right and wrong, and more oppositional stances and stands! All these descriptions depend upon which side of the coin or which side of Duality you are on currently in the past or in the future!!! Hmmmm!!!

In Duality it is very difficult, challenging, sometimes a test of will and wills, sometimes a losing battle, sometimes a win! You know for sure all the descriptions in the Dualistic experiences to be “right”. Who would wanty-needy to be on the side of “wrong”! No one for sure! 

Yet in Duality sometimes the “right” side is the “wrong” side! The view is clouded by the status quo of a situation! How many times throughout history did despots insist they were “right” and their opposition was “wrong”? 

Then, of course, in Duality, the wrong can become the right given certain “happenings” in what is happening at a particular moment in time!  The downside becomes the upside. Yet the experiences seem to change, except at the core of the opposition resent builds up. WHY?

Because the winner became the loser, and the loser became the winner!!! Until another happening and the circumstances change again! Viewing History from a NEO Non-Emotional Observer standpoint, the friends become enemies and the previously identified enemies become friends. This scenario happens over and over again! Where? Between individuals, groups, countries, nations, and who knows in the future of Duality… real Star Wars. Hmmm!

SO! What does this have to do with Bi-Location Part II? Remember Duality is dualistic, two-sided! Taking sides! Letting the idea or belief system of Dualistic behaviors of opposition go! How? Now allowing your Self to be willing to not see things from two points of view! Now allowing your Self to see, and view things, and life from expanded unlimited points of view! Now allow your imagination, and your creativity to be focused yet broadened in any and all directions.!

As you do this exercise, without being in a gym, allow your Self to view Bi-Locating into your idea of a future!!! Here may be the challenge or not!!! In the Belief Systems, the B.S. of Duality here is what happens. You are taught to focus on your goals.This is wondrous. 

However, when you “project” your Self into the future of your goals energetically, this is what happens. Remember goals mean GO for AL-L of what you are creating. Here is the rub!!! The best simple example for you!

“Tomorrow from 9:00 AM to Noon, I am going to watch a movie, I am going to sleep in, I am going to meet my friends for breakfast, I am going to write emails, I am going to have a meeting, I am going to a networking event, I am going to…to… to…to” and the list goes on! 

The issue is tomorrow morning has not happened. It is fabulous to set goals and intentions! However… what if something changes? Life happens, and many times not on your timeline in your Left Computer Brain! Stay focused in the moment!

Stop Bi-locating into a future that has not happened!!! So many times, when an individual or you are considering “creating” something, an event, a happening, a situation, a business, a whatever, when you “project” your energy and your Self into a future that has not happened, you can set your Self up for unrealistic expectations. 

Then it becomes a Duality repeat program, you can establish anxiety and depression within your body from the Left Computer Brain!. The Truth is you can establish any type of illness, disease, or dysfunction in your body! 

The doctors will love this.  NOT A JUDGMENT OF DOCTORS. They are doing what they are told to do.  Anxiety, at the emotional core, is Unrealistic Expectations. So many times Anxiety is the prelude to Depression, which is the Deepest Disappointment. All the drugs in the world, designed as solutions don’t work! Anxiety and Depression can get worse! WHY?

The medications are covering up a RESOLUTION to the emotional components of Anxiety and Depression. This is how it works! Solutions cannot happen without the RESOLUTION of the EMOTIONALITY of the problems that become stuck in your body. These are the issues in your tissues! The Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance is all about Resolution and Resolutions that make sense!!!

Wherever the body’s immune system is the weakest, from Anxiety and/or Depression or what disease, illness or dysfunction, the pain happens. Your pain is your body’s attempt to get your attention. When you are “projecting” your Self into a future timeline that has not occurred, you are stopping your Self from supporting Your Self, Your Body, and Your Creativity to be in the current/present moment of your Non-Emotional Creativity!

This is how you get worked over and over again by your Duality Left Computer Brain. This is called the “Scattering of YOU, Your Energy, which is a Bi-Product of YOU, Your Creativity, and you are scattering Your Self into a future that has not yet occurred!

Planning is wonderful. Planning is focusing in the moment. Projecting Your Self, your Creativity into a future that has not yet occurred is “going out of body”, not being fully present, being scattered! Literally, like scattering ashes, you are scattering Your Self all over the place! Amazing!!!

To be in the moment is YOU. You are Moment in the current/present Moment. The more you BE there, Live there, the more you accomplish. Stop Bi-location into the past and especially into the future that has not yet to be created by YOU!



  BE YOU!!!

“The best place is in the now inside you!”
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