When you consider the word Duality what does it really mean? The explanation or description of duality is the quality or state of having two different or opposite parts or elements called dualism.  As hinted at by the word “dual” within it, duality describes to being or having two parts, or the opposite meanings. The example of Good or Evil is the perfect fit to Duality. There are two sides of the coin as the metaphor goes.

However, if this is a Dualistic world of opposites…and opposites attract…then the real question is what is the attraction? Is the attraction within the energy fields, auras, and electromagnetic fields. These words or descriptives mean the same thing. The energy field emitted from a living being, a human, all life forms do they come together? Or do they clash? 

Well, if this is indeed a dualistic world, then these so-called fields coming together must clash. If this is the case, and it truly seems to be the case, then all relationships on this planet regardless of life forms must clash. Hmmmm????

Or could it be that just the human form of life clashes with each other? Animals, except for the process of life and death, food and being, live pretty much in harmony or consistency with each other. Animals are not hateful with each other. They know they must live and to live and propagate their species, but they don’t war with each other. They don’t rob each other. They don’t abuse each other. They don’t cheat other or on each other! They don’t kill each other because of belief systems, especially religious, political, or business ones!

So if Dualism or Duality is based upon separation or the “dual”, what is the message from the outside in being sent to each other subliminally or “shouting it out” … “I am the winner, and you are the loser!” Now this sounds so ridiculous yet look around!

Look around families, organizations, groups, religions, governments, kingdoms, countries, establishments, corporations, and/or systems of people, there is always a conflict, separation, or power struggle over something. The something can be an idea, a way of life, a product, a focus on being right, or a focus on being wrong. The possibilities of some kind of “war” within the energy patterns of Duality or Dualism appear to be never ending. 

There number of types of war within the “con”fines of Duality is unlimited of the infect to human life. Duality is “con”sistent within the resonance of Duality that perpetuates a war, the war or just plain warring. This resonance of war initiated from within this Dualistic energy field propagates conflict. Does it have to be this way?

What a great question to ask your Self!!! In the resonance of Duality, the war programming from the outside in influences you, me, and everyone from inception. This resonance initiates a reverberating, vibrating frequency field of consciousness based upon war starting from the outside belief systems which affects your inner beingness.

This Dualistic Resonance actually “takes down” your own inner energy field from within you of self-confidence, self-empowerment, and your incredible sense of your Self! This resonance of Duality is founded upon the three fears of Duality! Self-Judgment, Self-Lack, and Self-Take-Way from your Self from your inside out!

How does this happen? This insidious, destructive Dualistic resonance lowers your NI, your Natural Intelligence through your Left Computer Brain, disconnecting you from a natural resource to organize your creativity. The actuality of this disconnect separates the function of your Right Computer Brain to organize what you are creating with your Left Computer Brain! You thinky think your Self out of life!

This disconnect also separates you from your Real Brain…your Heart. Your creativity is limited as well as you are placing limitations on your life, what you do, and what you are every day!  When you begin to connect your Left Computer Brain and Your Right Computer Brain practical magic happens! How?

As you deliberately, yes deliberately connect to your Real Brain…Your Heart, all four chambers, your ability to “resonate” to a more expanded field within you. This expanded field is your own inner resonance that projects what you are creating from within you to your outside world… Your Life! This is your Natural Intelligence, Your NI!

Through this connection to your Real Brain…Your Heart, you can now connect your Left and Right Computer Brains together to “organize” what you are creating. Through your empowered body, you implement and manifest what you are resonating to create or establish in your life into your outside world! As you create, implement, and manifest, now you actualize or “make your own realness” in your world…your life! No longer Duality Realities of limitations.

This is the Truth of being within your own Power from the inside out. The limitations, restrictions, and fear/war mongering of Duality becomes a non-fact! As you do this and others do this, one at a time and then many of us at a time, this deliberate action changes the resonance to Non-Duality from the inside out! This is THE PARADIGM SHIFT!

Even the concept of Duality that you, me, and all of us live in a Dualistic Third Dimension is now seen as ridiculous. This is NOT a Third Dimensional World. The Real World, the Non-Dualistic is as Multi-Dimensional as you. Duality is restrictive of you, your life, your creativity and your time!

You are a time space continuum. This is your time, this is your space, this is your world…NOW letting go of the restrictions, the Dualistic Resonance of war mongering, “con”trolling you, whether personal, professional, or as a human on this planet, are you willing to “be” the amazing, creative, totally participatory, full of life person that you really are?

Let’s become explorers together! Who knows what kind of Non Dualistic, Non Conflict World we can create. This is not pie in the sky! This is THE PARADIGM SHIFT AND YOU PLAY A SIGNIFICANT ROLE.

“Letting go of Duality is embracing you being alive and full of life!”
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