As a point of reference, when you or anyone usually speaks about Spirituality, more times than not it is in the realm of the unseen, or the realm of unexplainable! Spirituality from a definition, right from Wikipedia is… Spirituality involves the recognition of a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than myself, something more to being human than sensory experience and that the greater whole of which we are part is cosmic or divine in nature.

There is even this idea of three types of Spirituality from a definition, again from Wikipedia, there are three basic types of spiritualities: spiritual individualism, spiritual collectivism, and spiritual dialogue. Individualist spirituality is centered on the within. collectivist spirituality is centered on the institutions of religion.

From both of these definitions, these explanations though wonderful, to me, really don’t explain Spirituality in the most practical ways. The definitions are definitely a Duality “Third Dimensional” descriptive as the three types of Spirituality. How convenient to fit in this idea that this world had ONLY three dimensions. For me, again, without judging is absurdly limiting. Yet again Duality is always limiting in all the Belief Systems, the B.S.! Just stating a fact!

Now addressing the first explanation, “recognizing a feeling or a sense” is a great beginning to the practical and applicable explanation of the Spiritual aspects of you. Yes, Aspects!! Plural and Multi-Dimensional. In Third Dimensional Duality terms, Spirituality is an aspect more times than not undefinable! So many times, Spirituality lands into the spectrum of Woo Woo. Now not being against Woo Woo! There is never an explainable explanation in terms of Metaphysical that are practical and applicable to me. Just saying!

Having heard the terms just accept Spirituality, without a real practical human experience of this term in real terms, never made sense to me. Why be Spiritual if it doesn’t make sense to me? Well then? Many have said to me throughout my life just accept this or that. Great. However, in any acceptance to me, don’t know about you, the requirement is how to use the information, the tools, the process, the ideas, the belief systems, even of Duality that have a practical application or applications to my life.

Oh Dear! Some have said to me. Can’t you just accept what is as what is? NO. Because, Being the Cause of my Self and my life, what does What Is mean, when it has no What Is Meaning to me? Well, Sherry, this is just the way it is!!! Really, is my response, not an emotional reaction!

Always share my experience as 8 years old in the third grade in a question to my teacher, “If Columbus discovered America, and it was not America, how come people were living here? They were not Native Americans. They were natives, indigenous, or the people!!! My brilliant teacher, NOT, said to me “Memorize it and pass the test!” 

So grateful for this teacher/person, this set me off onto a path of doing my own education, reading, and research! The teacher’s explanation… Memorize it… what is the teaching of the Anshara Method Of Accelerated Healing and Abundance the AHA! Method! The focus is getting to your core Cellular Memory of health! Your Cellular Memorizations are the Duality Programs “forced” into your Left Computer Brain of redo, recreate, and do it over and over again! Whether in this current timeline or other timelines. Time is not the issue!

Cellular Memorizations though let’s trust, though questionable, more times than not do not serve a person, group, organization, and/or culture. These “Memorizations” are typically and “habitually” Forced upon the individuals or people involved. Forced to Memorize an ideology that may not resonate to an individual at any particular time. The Collective Mindset of Duality Belief Systems is “en”forced upon an individual or a group to “Memorize” Belief Systems that may not be compatible or honor the individual or group at that time!


Hmmm! Now back to this subject of Spirituality. The spin on Spirituality is the esoteric descriptive in a Duality based resonance on this planet! Something, some Belief Systems, some dogma, some creed, some doctrine or even some view is that esoteric is obscure, mysterious, and in this world many times, not attainable. Spirituality is not physical and not grounded. This can not be further from the Truth!

Being, Non-Duality Spiritual is being very grounded. Being Non-Duality Spiritual is being connected, not just to this Duality idea of physicality, but connected to in the Multi-dimensional “physical” realms beyond any limitations.

Everything is physical. Whether you are here on this planet in any timelines, or “transitioned” called death beyond this Third Dimensional Duality Realities of limitation, you are still physical.  How can that be? 

Well at three years old, my clear physical world included talking to so-called dead people. Many times, I have shared that at three years old, had the frustrating experience of sharing with my mother… “How come the people I see and talk to, that you can not see make more sense to me than the people we can see?” To my mother’s dismay, she was scared.

My sense at the time was excitement and fun! Never, ever had a bad experience. Just so excited to “chat” with these so-called dead people. Honestly many times in my life I have talked to so-called living people who appeared to be “dead” to me. No judgment. Perhaps they are really the night and day of the living dead.

To this day, still talk to so-called dead people who are very much alive in the places or realms they have chosen to be. The fact is you and everyone are always physical. Please just consider letting go of the Duality Programs that do not recognize that every dimension, realm, place, and/or space, whether here in this Duality realm or anywhere else, everything is physical!!!  There is always a physicality to everything and everyone! All dimensions are physical in the physicality of the form or formation that “is” in a particular realm, place or space. 

Back to the fact, yes fact, of the physicality of Spirituality. Spirituality is not esoteric. Spirituality is physical, material, quantifiable, sensible, measurable, though not in Duality limitation terms, the best and most expansive sense of connection! The physicality of Spirituality supports and provides YOU and Your Body to experience the Multi-dimensional aspects of YOU from within you.

This “Within YOU” place is expansive, unencumbered by limitations. Spirituality is physical. When you are willing and allow Your Self to “FEEL” your feelings and allow Your Self to connect, through this physical Spiritual aspect of you, you experience your Multi-dimensional Self. You do not have to buy into the Duality limitations. 

YOU no longer have to be in denial of your abilities of a being a Human Being. The purpose on purpose of your natural abilities to be physically “Spiritual” to recognize and accept your Self as a WHOLE, COMPLETE REAL HUMAN!

Duality is an experience and experiences in your continuum of repeat and repeated limitations.  NOW is Your Time through Clear Conscious Choice to accept and use your natural Physicality of Your Spirituality to become Your Unlimited Self! WOW! 

What happens? The happens are what you choose to happen!  As you are in Your Involved Conscious Evolution in this timeline, allow your creativity to become maximized through Your Resonance of the Physicality of your Spirituality!

You are NOT a Spiritual Being having a human experience. Old Paradigm. YOU are a Multi-dimensional Being have all kinds of experiences in many realms. The more Clearly Conscious, Non-Duality, YOU are, the more YOU Become the MORE OF YOU!




“Be Multi-Dimensional and Be Your Real Physical Spiritual Self!”
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