The word subtle is the best one-word description of the “con”trol of Duality through the human left computer brain! The most amazing part of this beyond this Subtleness is the comprehensible unlimited expansion of your “vision” to “see” how easily a person, a group, and/or a country, as they “wake up”, can look past or beyond the subtleness and begin to “investigate”!

“Investigate” is a truly empowering tool, both practical and eye-opening at the same time!!! This is the perfect time and timing to both personally and professionally explore your own life from the inside out! In prudent exploration, with clear discernment, give your Self permission, to not wrong or judge your ideals, methods, or approaches to life with whom, what, where how, and why you are participating in the ways you are engaged in your life!

From this stance, as many times stated or written in my articles, from the perspective of NEO Non-Emotional Observer, this step provides the avenue of conscious “detachment” yet still begins fully participatory and engaged. There is no judgment or being in an adversarial position! There is however your place of being fully engaged from this stance of empowerment! There is no place or purpose in your stance of being emotional, being a victim, or even victimizing your Self!

In this position becoming Non-Duality Consciousness, which is clear, deliberate, focused, and directed, in a whole stance of resonance from your inside you, your relationships, experiences, and situations are no longer disappointing or distracting from the outside in. Your Inside Real Self feels in charge of you and your life and the who, when, where, what, and why you are choosing clearly how you engage in your life!


Your resonance of this stance is now both clearly, consciously, and deliberately subtle! The subtlety of this stance speaks louder than words, language, behavior, expressions, or actions of YOU! This exceptional, Non-Duality subtlety from your Inside Clear Power Filled Consciousness from your inside out is FELT! This expression of your FELTNESS, the energy of “feeling” you are expressing from your field, (aura, bio-energy field, electromagnetic field, these are different identifications of your field) from your inside out is received by those personally and professionally in your outside world!

Comprehending these words, descriptives from your Inside out, through every cell, particle, and molecule in your body to the subatomic level of you, shifts, changes, and now revolutionizes the way you communicate to your outside world! Your shift in consciousness is “FELT”! This real form of subtleness, based on your shift from the limitations of Duality to the Non-Limitations beyond Duality becomes your real calling card in a manner of speaking!

Your family, your friends, your co-workers, your frenemies, even strangers “feel” this difference. You are literally sending out a dynamic subtleness that resonates, though not measurable in Duality terms, of good, bad, high, low, whatever, that is open and “fearless”! Being fearless, Non-Emotionally, and because you are engaging in Non-Emotional Listening, you are shifting from the affect, effect, and infect of the outside Duality world of limitations and Self-Judgment!


From this unlimited “subtleness” of expanded Clear Consciousness, you, your world, the way you participate, your relationships, your entire world and your entire life “transforms” from your inside out. Your subtlety is FELT! The immensity and vastness of your inner shift are FELT! More times than not there are no limitations of descriptions of words in any language that can describe this shift in consciousness.

The magnitude of this change, this inner shift is magnificent! Is there an adjustment time? For sure! You are providing your body, all your systems, including your Duality-based left computer brain to begin to coordinate and synchronize from your core in all the parts, aspects, and places in your body from your inside out to adjust!

Embrace your Self, allow your body to embrace this empowering, yet subtle expansion of YOU! From your core and all the cores of all your physical systems to consciously evolve from the subtle limitations that are loud, disempowering, making you sick, causing dysfunctions, whatever the “dia”gnoses are, to this incredible, almost impossible to describe in Duality terms, this shift!

Many times, in Duality terms, changes can be nerve-racking, scary, terrifying, distressful, or whatever the descriptions are to make you afraid of your Self. In these unlimited subtle changes or shifts within you, you, your systems, every part of you from the inside out, emotionally, “physically”, mentally, spiritually, and even financially, your body “FEELS” a happening happens.

You don’t have to describe your inner shift.  You can allow your Self to “FEEL” this shift! You can use words! Or you can provide YOU, Your Body, Your Cells, Your Particles, and Your Molecules, to the subatomic level of you to communicate with each other as you connect the left and right sides of your brain together with your body and allow the Conscious Magic to happen!

A shift does not have to be dramatic! Unless you would like dramatic. There is a difference between dramatic, exciting, and trauma drama. In the subtleness of Duality, a change or shift is always trauma drama! In Non-Duality, the shift can be how you choose it to be! Exciting, fun, soft, loud, you choose!

A Conscious Shift:







“Make sure what you “see” is really what you see!!!”
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