This is a hot topic in the relationship world – personal or professional.  WOWZER!!! To be unencumbered by your connections.  What does that mean?  It means you are a proverbial “Stand In Your Own Power” person! It means you are NOT CONTROLLED by or through the limitations of the Duality Belief Systems, the B.S. disempower your Self in any way.

That first step to unencumbered connections is to recognize that connections can either be supportive and make sense or they are not supportive, and they don’t make sense at all!  How to make sense of these unencumbered connections is “feel” through your body and your heart, no woo woo, how you are experiencing your connections through your language, your words, your intentions and intents about how your relationships either work for you or not.  Do your relationships work for the others with whom you are connected?

In the Duality world in which we live and have been programmed, without judgment, most connections have either conscious or unconscious caveats of how the relationship is supposed to be according to the filters of the programs you are running within your computer/brain.  One of the most limiting filters is the wanty-needy to be “right”, to be the one who knows the most, the one who must be validated, for sure, in the dynamics of “the” relationships.  The dynamics have to be according to the rules and regulations that will make you “right” and the other person(s) wrong.

The funny thing about this dynamic is the other person or persons are stuck in the same programming. The programming is the same, but the interaction comes in all sorts of flavors or in the dynamics of the connections, the emotional components from each person or persons involved, personal or professional, are challenged because all parties involved have to be “right” in Duality.  Amazing how this pattern of encumbered relationships has continued on and on and on over the years, centuries, eons, whatever is the designation of measured time.  Being “right” is war!!!

When you are willing to recognize your part, first in your relationship with your Self and then with others, personal or professional, you will be able to distinguish: is my part in any and all relationships really based upon what I believe or it is a continuing continuous manifestation of Duality’s Separation Program?  Then moving in a clear direction or just standing “still”, you are willing to accept your part of every relationship and comprehend is this an effect and affected relationship without being infecting to your Self or those involved with you?

It is your Willingness that makes the difference.  In your “willingness” you are detaching from the emotional attachments to your relationships, again personal and professional, and making a determination how do these relationships benefit you and the others.  Emotional encumbered relationships are not beneficial to anyone in any way.  You can be allowing your Self to be “sucked” dry.  On the flip side, sucking you dry can be very tiring for those who are doing the “sucking”.  This is exactly how dysfunctional Duality relationships work.  Everyone gets work and worked over and over again.  This is the system of Duality.  This is the sideways figure 8 (∞) of Duality’s Infinity do overs, that do you over and over again.  Very draining!  Now if you believe in other lifetimes, now you even have an “excuse” why you are trapped into a certain “profiled” role which in the Duality Law of Distraction is repeatably draining your energy, trapping you and the “others” in this infinite cycle bin draining you of your life, your energy and “wasting” your valuable time to create your experiences consciously.  Which is, in fact, one of your purposes…to consciously create the experiences you came here to this earth plane to demonstrate the remarkability of your creative abilities.  Instead, because of the insidious programming of Duality, the repeatability of trauma dramas is unending.  YUCK!

Oh yes, the craziness of Duality, is that it all seems to be working out and working well, and then all of a sudden you are falling down a loop in this figure 8 of infinity…falling in love, falling out of love, falling into the best deals, and falling out of the deals.. the amazing part of Duality which does not support you…is the “falling-out” of something or another.  Of course, this is called failure.  It is not a failure; it is simple you were not shown how to extricate your Self from this recycle bin in whatever time frame you are participating.

With this said, the best part is now to “detach” not disconnect.  Disconnect in this Duality program is the pretend part of the loop that appears to be freeing you on a sliding scale, but, in fact, you are still hooked in the trauma dramas of the “right” and “wrong”.  Who is right and wrong in Duality makes no sense at all.  Right and wrong is dependent upon which side of the infinity loop you are in!

In your Willingness to “detach”, all the emotional hooks begin to evaporate.  Yes, it takes linear time. How long it takes to Step into Your Own Power through Detachment is up to you. The less and less emotional you become, the more and more you “FEEL”, you trust the intelligence and intellect of your body and you are less and less reliant on your Duality “left” computer/brain of entrapment.

The more you detach, the more pathways between your left computer/brain and your right/computer brain connect.  Now as your computer/brain connects, you are able to discern the facts, use your whole computer/brain to organize the information of how you choose to participate in your relationships both personal and professional.

These are the actual physical conscious steps in creating and participating in Unencumbered Connections… personal and professional.  This all begins within your Self in your willingness to take charge of your Self, your life, your creativity, your experiences and how you choose to participate in our life.  You are no longer dependent on what others think. Thinking matters not!  Feeling is all that matters.  Trust your Self.  Choose how you participate.  Choose Your Life.  Choose your Paths, yes plural. Choose your Connections.  Choose what is correct for you or not.

                              TO UNENCUMBERED CONNECTIONS…KEEP YOU CONNECTED TO YOUR SELF!!!Sherry Anshara

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