As we all begin 2022 as a designated time frame…does it matter what the date is? What really matters to you?  What is important to you?  What means something to you?

Is time really just a space or place in which to create your life fully? Does what you do or all of us do individually and together make a lasting impression in our times together? More questions sometimes than answers. Yet….

As we all begin 2022, without reliving the past, it is one minute ago and the future is one second from now, how did your past influence you.  How did individuals in your past influence you?  How did you influence them?  No judgment…just sticking to the past.

I would like to share with all of you a recent experience I had with someone I know over 21 years ago.  This experience included both of us.  The amazing part of this has to do with connection, Wordology Is My Biology for both of us, so many times we shared mutual paths with each other throughout these years.

One of the most significant experiences recently is this person/friend brought to me a brochure that I had printed over 21 years ago.  As I read my brochure, it is in pristine condition, I know this person saved it and took the information written on and applied it to her life.  

Though this is the beginning of 2022, I know as the reader you may be amazed or not by what I am sharing that I wrote so long ago.  It may seem a long time ago, but the information is timeless.  I trust you will feel the way I do that the Truth is timeless.

The Sherry Anshara Brochure…Through Sherry Anshara’a guidance you are inspired to “let go” of your old programming and emotional issues that no longer serve you. You are supported to understand that within you, you are the source of your own empowerment.  This assists you in making better choices in your life. You discover you do have the ability to create a life you require, desire, and deserve.

Each therapy is personally designed for you.  By setting intentions at the beginning of each session, you become empowered to direct the course of your process. As a result, many levels of healing are initiated.  You achieve the release of pain, cellular memory, and sound, as well as emotional blocks, conscious integration of your body, mind, spirit, and soul occurs.  Profound transformations in all aspects of your life happen in the most practical ways…naturally!  You will achieve a healthier, happier, balanced life.

As you heal your relationship with yourself, your life changes and your relationships with others transform positively and productively.  This is the empowerment of healing.

Responses from Sherry’s Clients:

“I have experienced many healings, but none to the level that Sherry Anshara has taken me.”   – J Rogers

“Thank you for guiding me back to myself.”  

– S Stanfield

“I felt a flow of energy return to my body…a balance…it is a gentle way to heal.

– C Blount

Sherry Anshara is a Master Teacher who will inspire you to “let” go of the old programs, find the empowerment within you, move forward with purpose, create joy in your life.  

The Empowerment of Healing

Release Produces Change…

Change Creates Transformation…

Transformation Causes Wellness…

Wellness Continues Balance…

Balance is Empowerment!

Here it is 2022, would you agree, these words, this information is the timelessness of Truth.  The Truth Stands!  

“If all you know is “all you know” then it is time to get out of your “I know” box and explore what you don’t know!”

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