Do you sometimes “think” that your life is run by your planner, your calendar or someone’s schedule?  You have too much time, not enough time, too little, where did the time go and how time flies.  What is this thing called time.  For one thing, if you split the word in half, it spells “ti” “me”.  If you look at the expressions the hands of time and time on my hands, what is up with these ideas?  Is time really a thing?  Or is time something that was made up to just see how far you can go before you realize that time is running out and it appears that you are almost out of time?

How could time be such a big deal?  Or how are you dealing with time. Does time deal you the wrong hand?  Time does have a hand in your life….right?  Wrong?  Or is time an accurate or inaccurate use or measure of your time? Or is time something you can spend.

Or do you get spent by time when your time is coming to an end?  Good grief?  There are so many questions and issues related to time, that there has to be some sort of time management so you can manage your time. Or what happens if you don’t know how to manage your time, then you have to hire at the right time a time manager to tell you how to plan your time. Now what?

Back to the time planner and calendar!  Let’s see on Monday you will do this.  On Tuesday you shouldn’t have done that yesterday, but it is Tuesday’s time and Monday is over.  Now you can either wait for the next Monday or beat your Self up on Tuesday, Wednesday or the rest of the week because you Should’of done something during Monday’s time.  But Monday is over so now all you can do is more Should’s on your Self until you have spent enough time beating your Self up.  You can continue to spend or waste your valuable time living in the past of Should-ofs or you can “concentrate” your time in more valuable ways.

How can you spend your time in more valuable ways?  One great way to start is to STOP the clock!  When you take the hands of time into your own hands, you will see how valuable your time is and not waste on more second, minute, hour, day, week, month or year “thinky-thinking of all the things you should have, could have or would have done if you had had more time.  You did have time.  Time is only relevant in how you are involved in how you use your time that is best and most beneficial to you. 

Stop going over and over again that you wasted your time. You can’t waste time.  You spent your time exactly as you spent your time.  So if you don’t like how you have spent your time, then STOP spending time dwelling in the past. The past is so over.  Yesterday is the past. Today is the now and is the place to spend your time creating your future, which is tomorrow.  

You can’t waste time.  You are doing what you are doing in that frame of space.  You can’t spend time.  Time is not for sale.  You can not have too little time. There is 24 hours in a day.  Use that frame of time to be in sync with your Self and the time your alot to what you are doing.  STOP counting time as if it were sheep jumping over your head.

Linear time, the clock, moves on even when you are stuck in the past caught up in the regretful or remorseful pasts of should-ofs.  STOP going back in time.  

Give your Self a handful of time, use it wisely and productively. START living in each today of each today.  Today is tomorrow’s todays.  Time belongs to you.  Waste it and you will tie your Self up with heavy blaming Should-ofs.  Use time as the perfect tool to enfold each one of your days.  Each day is a frame of time with which you can frame your creativity and your life.  Time is on your side.  It is behind you and in front of you.

Where you place your Self in time is the perfect time and space for you to be! 

“Time is an increment of space in which to have an experience!”

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