Doesn’t it seem at “times” that time is that “thing” that “con”trols you, or me and everyone? When you consider that time is a box full of boxes, you “could” consider letting your Self outside the box and boxes of time.

Just think, through clear thought, not thinky thinking that all these boxes of time, sooooo many times seemingly not connected, yet are so connected that these boxes collide with each other!

Here’s how 24 hours a in a day. Perhaps an eight-hour work! For eight hours of work in a day is like a ¼ of the day. Call me a workaholic! Yet, doing what happens every day for me is fabulous.  Multi-tasking is my favorite thing to do!

However, in the Duality paradigm that rules times, multi-tasking is not supposed to happen. Now not judging, but there is a label of multi-tasking called ADD ADHD. So glad in my childhood this was not a factor. Multi-tasking is fabulous for me!

Your body, my body, and everyone’s body multi-tasks every day, all day long, and all night, 24/7! Yes, it does. Each system is on 24/7 for your entire life. Without your body multi-tasking, how could you eat, your body discerns what works for you or not, processes the food and keeps what is the best for you, and eliminates what doesn’t! Your body is so smart all the “time”!

When you get into your Duality left computer brain, time through a not so progressive process, your ½ brain starts to think thinking! What happens? Limitations start showing up. The left computer brain starts “running” those time programs, sometimes driving you and anyone crazy! 

The craziness is jumping into the boxes of the times during the day or even the night in dreams with the brain in “con”trol, measuring your every step of the day! In those steps, the left computer brains dialogues with you! The dialogue does like this:

  1. You are running out of time!
  2. You are too slow!
  3. Where did my time go?
  4. What time is it?
  5. How can I be behind time?
  6. Blah Blah Blah about time!!!

You know, you are getting it. All this conversation in your left computer brain distracts you. Time gets in your way! WHAT!!! Time is not a thing. Time is not even physical. Time is WHAT? A measurement, a construct, a box, an idea, a paradigm, or what?

Actually, when you consider that time is your friend, not your enemy, you will begin to see the perfection of time. So, what is time? Time is an increment of space in your own personal time continuum in which to create an experience that you created to experience. How fabulous!

Time being is an increment of space in which you outline what you create, you implement, you manifest and then you actualize what you establishing in your own “world”. When you are “con”trolled by time, you have allowed you and your life to have limitations that time “con”trols you!

Time is a segment or segments of measurements in which you have your own abilities to not only create what you are creating in any particular measurement of time, you are in this space of time/measurement projecting into your outside world from the world inside of you!

Here’s the key. The more Non-Duality Conscious you are, the more time becomes a place, a space, and a measurement for you to create, establish and “do” your life! How fabulous is this!!!!

So.. TI-ME…Don’t let time tie the me of you up!!! Time spelled backward is emit. Be in charge of how you emit your creative energy in an increment of time! Non-Duality Consciousness is vital to expressing your Self in your TIME!


“Don’t let TIME tie the me of you up, Time belongs to you, love your time with your Self!”
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