So many times in many articles written by me or teaching in my classes, describing Time by separating the word into TI-ME… Tie ME! What happens is … “too much time”, “not enough time”, “time is running out”, “where did the time go”? All these questions? When the answer is… Time is for real an increment of space in which to create an experience, you are creating to experience.

You and everyone is a space within a space of where you are in the moment, a space of a room, a place, a location… a space in which you are in the moment! The word moment is the key to time which will be defined in this article. So time is measured to too much. Instead of being in a space of creating and producing an experience, you or anyone gets caught up in the measurement of time within a space in which you are alive.

This sounds so esoteric. Time is not esoteric. Time a space. A space to create, to experience, to be. Not like a box of limitations. Time is a space in which to, again, create an experience you and everyone established to “launch” your creativity into the next moment or moments. These moments of creativity literally make your life happen.

The difference in how you make life happen is how you are attached to your Duality Belief Systems, the B.S. or how you are connected to your NI, your Natural Intelligence that far exceeds the limitations of any kind of Belief System that made you less, made you second guess your Self, or made you give up your own Inner Power!

Time is your own inner gift of space and spaces within you. The clearer you are the more clear how you create and establish your own creativity through these measurements or segments of these spaces you call time. How you use these spaces of time is how you “make your life happen!”




Spell Time backwards, it spells emit. How you or anyone emits their energy from within you or anyone from the inside out in, not the outside in as in controlling programming of Duality! A moment establishes in your physical world what you are creating to happen in your life!

Then this is the how, the why, the what and the who happen in your life or anyone’s life as projected, not reflected. Projection is physical and real. Reflections are not real and have no physical mass of energy. Projections are Real. Reflections are fake!

As you begin to connect deeply within you to your NI, Your Natural Intelligence, you will feel and see the difference in how you use your time. Time these amazing increments of space in your own personal space time continuum, which you now use creatively and with purpose, one purpose for all the purposes of having your life as you consciously choose for your Self.

The more you choose consciously and deliberately, the more you become your own Inner Power from within you. Any or all chaos that might be going on “outside of you” will not have the physical and physical emotional affect, effect or infect on you.

In the resonance of the Duality Limitations of Programming through your Left Computer Brain, is restrictive. Restricting you from becoming the Real You from the Inside Out! As you utilize your NI, Your Natural Intelligence from your Cellular Memory of being very Power Full, your increments of space… YOUR TIME and Your Increments of Time have more meaning for you.

You become more deliberate about the how, the what, the who and the where you are and how you are participating in your life! The more deliberate about your Self-consciously, the more focused you are in how you are creating, implementing, manifesting and then “actualizing” your life each and every moment of your “time” and “times”. You are not restricted anymore.

Your life becomes about the More, not the less. As you shift your resonance to the energy projecting from within you to the outside world, you are become a paradigm shifter. Actually, no words have to even been said. People around you, those that know you and those that don’t called “strangers” will “feel” the difference from you.

You are emitting a Universal or Multi-Dimensional resonance. You are literally “launching” from within you to this outside world a frequency and vibration that is felt. Those who are intent on evolving will resonate with you. Some will and some won’t!

In my own experiences, strangers at the store or wherever, will start talking to me. As I emit this resonance of Non-Duality, without the frequency and vibration of judgments, people just come up to me and engage in a conversation. They will even thank me for talking with them.

Most of the time, never mention my name or handout a business card, just the fact of engaging in a Non-Judgmental Connectedness from within me to the within whomever it is who engages with me in an increment of space called time.

The space can be a grocery store, a restaurant, a store, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the increment of space called time in a place. What matters is the exchange of conscious energy!

What matters is the resonance of Connectedness through Heartness in the Allness of each of us.

Please consider looking at time not as a restriction! Look at time as a valuable space in which you choose how you participate in your life and the life of others!


Sherryism “Time is your own space from within of your creativity!