Your Heart Chakra is the highest vibrational field in your body.  This is the best place to produce your life.  Using this tremendous unlimited field of consciousness, your heart supports you to create a heart-felt life with very little effort.  However, if you are holding fear in your heart, the fear lowers the frequency and your vibrational ability to “put your heart” into your life and create with purpose. This lower frequency of fear will limit your capacity to produce the positive results you are seeking through your creativity.  Not only are your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues challenged so is your ability to bring prosperity and money into your life. This is a big one!!!

Fear is the heavyweight, the burden that suppresses and limits your capacity to keep your level of energy up to live life to the fullest.  Fear is an energy drainer.  Fear also stops you from realizing your potentials by blocking your natural abilities to be a conscious creator.

Your heart is the only place to start. Your heart is your main powerful tool.  Your heart is your call to action.  Don’t stop your action or all you will get is the same old re-actions…the recycled behaviors of fear.  Boring!

If you consider the physicality of your Heart Chakra, it houses your chest, breast, arms, hands, upper back, sternum, lungs, bronchi, trachea, esophagus, all the musculature, glands, spinal column, etc. in your chest cavity and upper extremities. When you are disconnected from your heart, you are disconnected from your Self-power.  It will be a challenge to put your heart into your life.  When this happens your left computer/brain leads the way.  Your creativity is suppressed. You can get sick in any of these areas of your heart that will be diagnosed as an illness, disease or dysfunction. Think about what you are doing to your Self?

When you are connected to your heart, the potential and possibilities of your unlimited capacity to create your life now give you the power.  Instead of hoping, wishing, wanting and needing for something to happen, you make your life happen.  The potential and possibilities become what they are supposed to be…the REALNESS  of your unlimited potential to be manifested and actualized. Your creativity is unlimited.  

Creating through your heart is your unlimited, unrestricted field of power. You become FEARLESS! This is the best-unrestricted resonance in which your heart vibrates to the frequency of your unlimitedness!

Every time you go into fear, you restrict your potentials and possibilities. When you restrict your heart’s desires, you are restricting and limiting your life.  You stop your own abilities.  This is when the Belief Systems of limitation, consciously or unconsciously, over-ride you from being the creator of your life.  Stay in your heart and watch what happens to your life.  You are the happening who makes your life happen!

Your Heart is the most expanded frequency and vibration in your body.  Your Heart tells the Truth. Your Heart is Unconditional Love.  When you allow your computer/brain to run your Heart and your Body, you are actually lowering the resonance of your Truth and lowering the frequency and vibration of love.  As this happens, you are shutting down your immune system. When you do this, you get sick, you.  Your body weakens and you become fragile. Your natural ability to be strong, vital and healthy is compromised.


The Heart of The Matter

Is the Matter

Of the Heart

The only place

To Start

Is what Matters

To the Heart.

Wei Chen

Ancient Poet

Science is proving through research that the Heart and the Heart Chakra resonances have the highest vibrational frequency of any area of the body.  Therefore when you create your life from your heart through unconditional love, you are actually physically infusing both the Spiritual frequency of your heart as well as the physical vibration into your Creative Chakra.  This amazing unlimited frequency and vibration of your heart’s unconditional love support your creativity to manifest with more meaning to your life.  In practical real terms, when you are living your life through your heart, the easier it is to create what you require, desire and absolutely deserve.  

In your Throat Chakra, listen to the words you speak.  Make sure you are not using sabotage language that is preventing you from speaking your truth.  Allow your Third Eye to guide you in visioning.  And through your Crown Chakra embrace your connection to the Universe.

By clearing out old patterns of the non-productive thinky-thinky,  you are ready to use the great resource of your Heart Chakra with the unlimited creativity of your Creative Chakra.  Go for it.  Whatever the “it” is, you create the “it”!  Enjoy, have fun and most of all empower your Self.

Your heart is where it is at!

In these stressful times, the best way to handle it all is to stay in your heart. Your heart is the most generous vibration and frequency in your body to help you cope with the challenges that are impacting everyone globally.  The Lack Program . . .“There is not enough” . . . . of anything to go around, is definitely in operation.  However, let’s reflect on our human history: whenever there was an extreme change or shift in the way things were done, it always appeared overwhelmingly difficult. Every time frame of history had its stresses. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it didn’t start in a day.  There was a time frame of transition that allowed the linear time for everyone’s body, mind, spirit and soul to process the changes.

The change that is occurring around the planet is more impactful than ever.  One of the reasons is the ability to have information transmitted around the world in less than seconds. Sometimes this information is not always based on facts but is more often based upon extreme emotional fears. All the vibrations and frequencies of these emotional traumas are being instantaneously blasted through the air, sometimes feeling like hot pokers penetrating our bodies, our psyches, and souls.  We are not having that transition time to process the changes in our bodies that are used to having the “time” to move through changes.   Everything is happening so fast.

These negative vibes are having tremendous negative infects on our lives every day. The fear escalates and intensifies causing more stress on our bodies. So, just know that all of these changes economically, socially and vibrationally have a purpose. Again, we are instantly messaged from our phones, TV, media, radio, internet, from every direction. Our bodies and even our left computer brains are being challenged to keep up with the chaos. Changes in every industry, profession and in all walks of life are being infected by this social/economic revolution. Remember, the difference now is that everyone has instant access to witnessing the changes.

Go with the flow, no matter what. Take your own time out to meditate, go within, rest both your left computer/brain and your body. Focus your daily life on your heart. Send the frequency and vibration of your heart and connect to every cell in your body.  Be unconditional love with your Self. Whatever the time frame is as these changes accelerate, know within your heart that changes come when it is the perfect time frame.

Remember, all of the significant changes that occurred throughout history gave everyone time to adjust. In this day of instant everything, your human body and your left computer/brain must now find a way to adjust to the instantaneous hits that are thrown out each day.

Stay clear, live through your heart and stay focused on your life’s path. Don’t get caught up in the negative stresses outside of you.  Living through your heart will support you to be healthy emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.  Creating newness for your own life is the key to health and wellness. The positive changes you create for your Self will make a difference in your life personally and professionally. 

Heart and Creative Chakra Meditation

1.  Choose a comfortable, quiet space

2. Clear your computer/brain

3. Stop thinking

4. Connect to your Heart Chakra

5. Feel the vibration of your Heart Chakra’s unconditional love   frequency

6. Connect to your feet, move this empowering frequency up

  through your entire body and your Chakra System

7. Fill your body consciously with this expanded vibration

8. Embrace this feeling

9. Now connect to your Creative Chakra

10. Expand your Heart Chakra Energy through your Creative Chakra

11. With CLEAR, SPECIFIC INTENTIONS, visualize how you require to create your life this year with prosperity, abundance, affluence and influence

Don’t be wishy washy!  Be specific with your Self. What are your heart’s desires?  What areas of your life do you require to create your life that empowers, supports you to live harmoniously and abundant?

Each individual Chakra has a specific job.  When your heart is closed to you, it is a challenge to get your Chakras in alignment and productive.  

Before you begin this powerful mediation, check your First/Base Chakra and see what limited Belief Systems are embedded there?  Release those limited B.S. Programs.  They are not serving your highest and best.  Check out your Solar Plexus.  Let go of past childhood hurts.  Leave them behind.


If any of you enjoyed the movie The Bucket List or have a bucket list of your own of things you would like to do in the future, how about considering having a Heart List in lieu of a Bucket List. Your Heart List can be things you love in your heart but have not done them yet.  Maybe this Heart List in your Heart is always on the back burner because you forget your Self while doing so much for others.  

Your dreams, aspirations and intentions are in your Heart.  However so much of your time is spent support other’s in their dreams, aspirations and intentions.  Now this is not a wrong thing to do.  Yet what about you?  There is no time like the present moment to look inside your Heart and see what your dreams, aspirations and intentions are there.

Don’t let them get stuck on the Maybe I Will Do These Someday List.  More time than not, this list of your Heart are ideas that may never make it to your Bucket List.  The Bucket List is the future list of things you may be planning to do or not.  Your Heart List is the Present Moment or your Now To Do List.

Your Heart List doesn’t have to be the hoping, wishing, wanting, needing and waiting list.  Put your Heart List is on your active list.  This is the list where you give your Self permission to do something for your Self each and every day.  Your Heart List is your personal and personalized everyday list in which you gift your Self something special.

This could be a moment or two to meditate, to support your Self with supportive Self-Talk, to call a friend to chat and laugh, to spend time alone reflecting over experiences that make you feel good about your Self,  You get the idea. This is your active Heart List. You create this special moment of the day, no guilt, just wondrous Self-supporting experiences.  The perfect active Heart List of being and then doing.  

Your Heart List is not in the future, in the waiting room of life.  Your Heart List doesn’t  have a clock.  Your Heart List only has the perfect now time for you to perfectly be in touch with your Self.  Your Heart List, again, is your action list.  Take Action!  Be glad you are you, not matter what. Give your Self opportunities each day to applaud your Self, to give your Self accolades for all you have accomplished. This is not egotistical.  This is reality. 

Your deserve to take time to hold your Self in your Heart and say… “Great job! Look at all I have accomplished so far in this life.”  May in your judgment of Self, you are not where you “think” you are supposed to be.  The fact is you are in the perfect place.  You are in this place because of all of your experiences, situations and relationships.  So stop judging your Self.  Start today to make your Heart List.  Do something everyday on your Heart List for your Self.  Then there will be regrets, no reprisals, no blame or no guilt.

You will be supporting your Self from the highest vibrational field of consciousness in your body… your wondrous Heart.  Your Heart List has no fear.  Your Heart List is the resonance that activates Self-unconditional love into action.  Ready, set, go…. Begin your Heart List today.  Put your Heart into your everyday life everyday!

“Live through your Heart and your life is Heart filled”

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