Most of the time feelings and emotions get confused.  They are as different as night and day.  Emotions are connected to triggers or the proverbial “pushing my buttons” routine that you experience when an emotional hook to a past experience is re-experienced.

The button pushing accompanies that emotional re-action, act one scene two, act four thousand, scene one million…you get the point…when that right or wrong situation rears its ugly head.  You automatically have to go into the defense mode and prove your Self right.  Or in the extreme emotional state of the conflict you will acquiesce and make your Self wrong about something or another.  

This emotional re-action is the button pushing scenario that keeps you suspended in the past, always on the defensive to prove your Self something or another.  You can even state that someone hurt your feelings.  No!  He, she and/or they did not hurt your feelings, your emotional body was triggered and your irrational emotions sprung into high gear.  You are on the alert. How does this happen?   

Your emotional hook or hooks to the past are triggered almost effortlessly.  When you are affected by the immense pressure on your emotional and physical body, you are forced by these emotional upheavals to re-process them. Whether you are aware of what is happening or not, you are destined to repeat these cycles of emotional instability.  No fun at all.  Therefore, it is not your feelings that are hurt.   You are triggered by the emotional hooks to your unresolved issues. You are hurting your Self by your reactionary emotional attachments to past experiences.  How’s that working for you?  You don’t have to do this.  

Your emotional body is connected to your left computer/brain.  The left computer/brain is supposed to be analytical and logical.  Not so much!  When you are only using your left brain which is connected to your male, right, manifesting side, the emotional Self re-creates the traumas and dramas on regular cycles of emotional upheavals. These upheavals may appear different but when you get down to the nitty-gritty, these emotional upheavals usually have interconnected relationships to previous emotional experiences.  Hence the repeated emotional patterns triggered in your left computer/brain are re-created through your male manifesting side.  Good grief don’t you just hate when that happens?

However, when you connect to your feelings within your heart, you don’t have to go into reenactments of the past.  You can stay in the moment by feeling out the situation, the event and the relationship in the present time.  Feeling is heart based.  Emotions are head based especially the left computer/brain.  You can’t emotional a connection unless it is a repeated dysfunctional relationship to someone or some situation.  You feel connection.  You can’t emotion love. You feel love.  Your female left created side and your male right manifesting side are in alignment when you are feeling from your heart! You are connected to life with feeling and through feeling from your heart. 

What you rationalize in your computer brain/head are the unreasonable reasons to react and emotionally repeat patterns, relationships and situations.  When you feel from your heart, you know without doubt what is best for you and your life.  Emotions are great excuses for excusing your Self.  Feelings are real, deep and empowering.  When you feel from your heart, you are centered in Self.  When you are emotional you are Self-centered.  A huge difference!

Feelings and Emotions are worlds apart. 

Emotions keep you apart from your Self.  Emotions are repeated dysfunctional behavioral patterns from the past living in your present moment inside your cells, particles, molecules to the subatomic level within your body.   When you are not totally aware or conscious of the impact of your emotions on your body, your health and your ability to live a healthy and productive life, personally and professionally, your emotional body runs your “show” and your life.

 Believe it or not…these emotions are physically taking up room in your cells, molecules and particles to the subatomic level of you creating havoc in your body.  These physical emotions whatever locations they are stuck in your body affect and influence your health and well-being.  These dysfunctional emotions even affect your ability to earn money, focus on your career and can lower or shut down the flow of your energy, experiencing “stuckness” and lethargy in your body.  Actually this is how disease, illness and dysfunction are manifested in your body.  

Regardless of the label or the diagnosis of your illness or sickness, the debilitating issue or issues begin with your emotions and your emotional attachments to your past which become emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally and financially overwhelming! These physical emotions cause you to get sick.  Your emotions are icky, sticky, snotty, gelatinous, dark, heavy, etc… you get the picture! 

Your illness did not start at time of diagnosis.  Your illness began in your past when you emotionally internalized an experience, situation or event that at the time you didn’t have the experience to experience what you were experiencing at the time.  Your computer/brain got stuck in that time frame regardless of the current date.  When an external or “outside” trigger affects you emotionally, your computer/brain “thinks” you are under attack again and pulls you back into the past into that calendar date or dates of the physical and emotional trauma.  Then you and your body are “forced” by your computer/brain to “re-live” the experience.  The real date doesn’t matter.  Your emotions take over and you are re-traumatized.  This is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in action regardless if you are, were in the military.  Emotions are the time-continuum triggers to pull you back into the past.

In your computer/brain you being to re-process the emotions of guilt, shame, blame, etc.  Your immune system becomes compromised.  You get “sick”!  History repeats itself over and over again. Remember your emotions, your computer/brain and your repeatable re-actions do not care about the current calendar.  This is where and why you get stuck!

“If you want the outside to change… then you have to change what is going on inside of you!” 


Feelings connect you to your Self from the inside out.  Your heart is the highest vibration field in your body.  Scientific research has proven it. 


Research by the Institute for HeartMath in California has shown that the heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body:

o The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain.

o The magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain

o The electromagnetic energy of the heart not only envelops every cell of the human body, but also extends out in all directions in the space around us

o Our cardiac field touches those within 8 – 10 feet of where we are positioned (and perhaps in more subtle ways at greater distances)

o One person’s heart signal can effect another’s brainwaves, and heart-brain synchronization can occur between two people when they interact

Your Heart generated Feelings are the aspects which we teach through the Anshara Method of Acelerated Healing and Abundance as your Heartness, your Allness and your Connectedness of your Body, your Spirit and Your Soul in creative collaboration with each other from the inside of you to the world your “Project” outside of you.  When you are living through your heart, your life is heartbased, powerful and power filled.  

Each cell, particle and molecule of you to the subatomic level of you expressing life are in synchronicity with each other.  You become the frequency and vibration that radiates creativity, health, harmony and peacefulness.  Your field, whether you call it your Aura, your Electromagnetic Field or your Bio-Energy Field reaches out into the world resonating aliveness.  The Universe, the Multi-verse and people reach out to you.  This is the Connectedness of the Allness that reaches out to you. Your body, your life  come into alignment. There is no requirement to exist the past. You are in the moment.

“Knowing at my deepest knowing I cannot change the past.  The past is one second ago. I can change my future.  My future is one second from now.” 


With your Heartness Feelings leading the way, you are on your expanded, unlimited path to create the experiences you are choosing to create and to experience deliberately, focused and directed by you, your Feelings and your Heart.  Don’t “thinky thinkyh your answer.  Feel your answer. What do you feel?  Make a choice and see the difference.

Now how do you know the difference?  

You FEEL the difference!

You KNOW you are connected to your Self!

Your body RESPONDS to life instead of re-acting!

You EXPERIENCE life without the trauma dramas

You are part of something greater because you FEEL!


“I FEEL from my unlimited creative heart, so I cannot “thinky-thinky” limitations through my left computer/brain”

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