Have you ever considered that you are afraid of the future? You are afraid of change?
You are afraid you aren’t in control of your life? You are afraid of anything that doesn’t sound or look like it is inside your boxes, even if you “think” you don’t have boxes? Are you afraid of being afraid? Hmmmmm!!!

Do you accept that life is the way it is? What does that mean? If life is the way it is, then why are we all driving cars, flying in airplanes, getting ready to travel through space…and not still hauling our Selves around with oxen and wooden carts? Hello!

Hmmm! Maybe you are still hauling around the Oldness. You know… the emotional “hooks” or baggage of the past(s). Are you holding on with a tight grip on what you think you know as the way your life is supposed to be? Gripping onto all that emotional and physical stuff that no longer serves you… maybe, just maybe, all this “stuff”.. or baggage is just so familiar that you have a Belief System, B.S. that all of this is your reality.

From a Duality perception of Oldness, all this appears to be True. The fact is…this Oldness is true, but it is not the Truth. The Oldness is Fear Programs that keep you stuck in delusional boxes of “life is the way it is!” What way is my life? …Time to ask your Self in any given moment… is life through your ages and stages really the same? Or are your experiences, your relationships, situations have a ring of familiarity that they are the same because you are maybe stuck in a rut of OLDNESS.

You have no clear expectations for yourself. You have been caught up in the Self-fulfilling programmed prophecy of life is the way it is because it is a program of re-do over and over again OLDNESS, whether this lifetime or throughout your continuum. For example, if you were miserable in another lifetime, do you have to be miserable in this lifetime. Here’s a clue, where you leave is where you pick up! Hmmmmm..remember Karma, Lessons and Re-incarnation, the same old same old OLDNESS Duality Programs. Three words that mean the same thing… do-over!

Just as a matter of fact… the more you question the theory that life is just the way it is because that’s the way it is… the more you question the “way it is” the more you will “see” that Duality Oldness as not the best way to create, implement, manifest and actualize your life. You are much more worthy than to be limited and stuck!

For sure, your amazing thinky-thinky computer/brain gets stuck in Duality’s re-do versions of the same Oldness patterns whatever the calendar and date say it is. Don’t buy this OLDNESS anymore how life is supposed to be any way other than the ways you choose your life to be. Don’t live in the past(s) or the future. Stay in the moment, the day in which you are living. The past is over and your future is one second from now created in your current moment. Where you are consciously or not at the moment is your future in one second from the moment you consciously conceive something. So stay out of the OLDNESS of the past. Don’t let the past if it doesn’t serve you become the future that doesn’t serve you.

You are individual, yet you are a collectiveness of experiences throughout your continuum, coalescing in this current experience(s) of life. You are also part of a collective, a group: a family, an ethnicity, a religion, a political unit, and applied educational expression of your Self In other words you are part of some type of group(s) in which you belong.

Through the dynamics of each group in which you participate, you are asked to “memorize” their Belief Systems, their processes, their behaviors, their actions, their participation, etc. Through this memorization process you are expected to fit in whether deep in the recesses of your Heart and your Truth, it may not be compatible. Nonetheless, you acquiesce as part of the group(s) expectations and the labels that are placed upon you.

Through this “memorization” process, you are groomed to take on your life’s role from the group(s) realities. Without judging any of it, to move through the processed experiences of these memorizations, you must determine if any or all of these memorization processes really “fit” you. Some might fit and some might not!

Discernment comes through your willingness to connect to your Heart and then your Body, to see how any of these memorizations processes resonate with you. If they don’t resonate or fit you, then it is time to evaluate what makes practical sense to you.

The practical sense does not mean keeping any of these memorizations as your own. Through discernment, the focus is to FEEL how does all this information you have memorized through these group(s) experiences in Truth resonates to you. Again without any judgment of your Self or anyone or any particular group, to expel your Self from the memorizations that have affected and influenced your life in ways not supportive or that have allowed you to be the Truth of your Self, you simply, yes, simply detach and begin the Freeing Progressive Process.

This does not have to be in one day or even one moment. Allow your Self to view, discern, keep or discard any of the memorizations that are either compatible with the resonance of your Truth from inside you or they are not! Do not be afraid of not belonging. Be clear that you must belong to your Self first. This is not selfish. This is the clear Consciousness of being Centered in Self.

As you Center Your Self from the resonance of your Heart, your body begins to come into alignment in frequencies and vibrations that support and allow you to not be controlled by manipulative memorizations. You now tap into your Clear Cellular Memory of your Self. This is the connection to your expanded frequencies and vibrations that resonate to your unlimitedness beyond the confinements of the Duality Fear Programs. You no longer “have to” follow programmed memorizations that do not benefit you to live the life that you require, desire, and deserve to create every day. Embrace the fact this may be the opening, the advent of you creating NEWNESS!

Now, what is Newness? You are the one who determines what is NEWNESS to you! Newness could be doing things, like flying a plane, taking dancing lessons, writing a book, or just doing something every day for your SELF. Allowing each day to be an opportunity for your to fully participate in life.

Here’s a NEWNESS tool! Express your Self each day by resonating Heartness to everyone you encounter during your day. This may sound silly! Yet give it a go. You will begin to experience life in a lively way. The Clear Cellular Memory within your Body will assist you to remember those fabulous times in your life and your continuum. You can now use that resonance as a foundation to express your Self in the most connecting ways.

Comprehend that you didn’t always have “bad” experiences. Through the memorizations of limited Duality, you are programmed to focus on these “bad” experiences which a series described as your combined realities. NO! This may be True from a Duality standpoint, but it is not your “real” Truth. In this lifetime and your continuum you absolutely had some outstandingly fabulous experiences. Your body holds so many extraordinary experiences. Now you have the opportunities to use the resonances of these experiences as a NEWNESS platform or foundation to excel in your life Your Clear Cellular Memory holds incredible information which supports you to create an extraordinary beginning in this very moment that you read this book! You never have to be limited anymore.

The beautiful aspect of creating Newness is you can without detrimental limitations to create connected relationships and experiences by expanding your field, (aura, electro-magnetic field, bio-energy fields) from the inside of your Clear Self into the creations, implementations, manifestations, and actualizations of living your life!

You came here to live. You did not come here to exist in a daily ritual of being born to die. If you were born to die…ask your Self why show up! This is the programming of suffering and sacrifice.

In NEWNESS there is no point in going down that repetition road. In NEWNESS you are FREE to create your experiences, have them, repeat them or not, and be fully aware that it is you who is creating your experiences, your relationships, your participation in life. Be outrageous. Why not?

In NEWNESS you are NOT LIMITED in how you express your Self from your Heart. Your amazing body is your vehicle to experiences your experiences. When you are creating your experiences to experiences your experiences, you are creatively unlimited. Your NEWNESS is up to you every day.

From this standpoint, you will “see” as NEO the Non-Emotional Observer, that your career, your job, your profession are your tools to earn income, to pay your bills, to bankroll your vacations, hobbies, or whatever. These tools are just that … TOOLS!
You can let go of the emotional attachments. You simply in a state of detachment, without the emotional hooks see the value of these tools to support you to do what you require, desire, and deserve to do. As you detach, you are more engaged in your life. You are not drained by any emotional attachment.

In relationships, you can do the same. When you emotionally detach from all your relationships, you will “see” as the NEO, the Non-Emotional Observer the value of your relationships. You can remove your Self, not from the relationships, but “see” them as amazing contracts that you have written. When the relationships are particularly functionally, you must recognize your part in them.

As you detach, you can see the brilliance of the connections. Perhaps some that seem dysfunctional, were based upon what your memorized programs told you were supposed to do, supposed to act, supposed to participate. Don’t blame any aspect of your Self. Don’t blame the person(s) in the relationship. Stay NEO. Observe how these relationships happened. As NEO you will have such clarity.

Every relationship, whether you judge it as good, bad, or indifferent, is perfect in the frequencies and vibrations that you resonated in those time frames. In whatever resonance that you projected from inside you to your outside world in this certain time frame, you connected in the way you connected. Whether you connected in a relationship, an experience, a job, a situation, etc, you connected! You now have the opportunity in NEWNESS to strengthen, connect more deeply and free your Self from the past that is no longer serving or relevant to you clearer resonance at this moment as you read and connect with this information in this book.

You have the opportunity to clearly and Consciously actualize NEWNESS into all your relationships and contracts. NEWNESS may mean moving in NEWNESS directions together or separately. You do not have to carry any bitterness or resentment. The frequencies of bitterness, resentment even hate to prevent you from NEWNESS In these resonances, you will be stuck in the memorized past of self-judgment and judgment of the relationships. They happened for reasons. Now your reasons changed.

Embrace NEWNESS. Don’t box your Self in..in the idea of NEWNESS. Let your Self unfold. See your Self with NEWNESS Eyes. When you realize with “real eyes” you are in your driver’s seat, you are in charge of your life, you are pure Beingness that makes the doing happen each day.

In NEWNESS be prepared for adventures. Be prepared for the generosity, of not only the Universe, you now have the Multi-verse supporting you to experience life in multi-dimensional ways. You are UNLIMITED!

NEWNESS is getting your Self out of the rut of sameness. Experiment! Do something you have never done before. This is NEWNESS! In NEWNESS you are acknowledging your own value. You are valuing:

Your Self
Your Body
Your Heart
Your Creativity
Your Expressiveness
Your Participation

You do not have to explain your Self. You do not have to make any excuses for anything that you are creating and doing that serves you to be involved in your life fully.

You are expressing your Self through your sixth and more senses of exploration. Be open! Be willing! You have nothing to lose. You have everything to gain.

Do something different, get out of your comfort zone, too restrictive. Even if you only do something once, your body, your Heart has a NEWNESS experience that is now stored as your NEWNESS Cellular Memory.

If this experience makes you FEEL great, again even if you did it only once, like flying, skydiving, etc., or just laying around being with your Self, your body holds in your cells these experiences which resonate to happiness, fun, and great health.

You are naturally encouraging your body and your Heart to FEEL great. Whatever NEWNESS experiences you have only once or many, many times, your body and your Heart resonate to an expanded frequency and vibration of self-fulfillment!


Let your imagination go wild, let the inventor within you come out. Invent your life every day. Stay out of the outcome so your income comes it. Yes, it can be money, but it can be the incoming of new people, new opportunities, new experiences, new whatever. You are not locked into the OLDNESS resonance of being limited.


See your world as expansive. Feel your world as the place in which to experiment while inventing with life. From your inside to your outside bring the changes you are inventing and creating.

A simple smile from you can change your life and someone else’s life. Be generous with your Self. Again this is not just about money. Be generous with your time for your Self. Spend time with your Self.

MEDITATE with your favorite music or in stillness with the sound
of your Heart Beating to your life!

Within me, I have the power to live my life fully limitlessly. The creations in my life come from me. I stay in my heart. I embrace my inventiveness. I feel! NEWNESS is my every moment, my every day, every week, every month, every year to be Involved in my Conscious Creator Self, inspiring and embracing the FACT that I am alive and here on this planet to be ME!





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