Ever wonder how you get involved in a relationship? Everyone wonder the why and how people come into your life? Ever wonder how did you get into your family? Ever wonder why you did not fit in? Ever wonder why you are wondering about your Self and wonder how you let these people into your life.

Do you wonder what the heck am I doing here? And what the heck are they doing in my life? So many of the same questions asked in different yet these questions have a sameness to them! Yet not enough clear answers for them. Where is the logic? Where is the sense? Really? These contracts have to make sense somehow, someway! They must? Huh? How can any of these questions make sense or be logical? It has to make sense, has to be logical on some level of some level!!! Now that’s funny? What is a level? Something is not on the level! Pardon the pun!

The Truth is these Duality relationships do not make sense. Before you can understand or even comprehend your relationships, you must first comprehend that they all are significant and have significance. You must dig deeper into the cores of these connections. At the beginning of a relationship, which can start the minute the sperm hits the egg, there can be conflict. An unwanted pregnancy, a fear of being a parent, or too many kids and you discovered in life you are the one that carries the label of the “one who is the too many” kids in your family!

OMG right off the bat, you are in a Duality “I don’t belong, I don’t Fit in the program right from the start. Of course this beings lifetime of trying, trying, and trying to fit in and be validated. Or how about born out of “wedlock”. Good grief.. even the Duality Belief System, the b.s. of marriage is a lock! More OMG’s! Or how about being adopted? Or how about being a girl instead of a boy? OMG OMG OMG… The Duality beginning programs right out of the VaJaJa can be so traumatic. Anyway, you are getting the pictures!

Now, this is just the beginning of relationships. First the family! Then you are socialized n pre-school, school, high school, college, university, work “force”, etc, etc, etc.. Isn’t the idea of “workforce” interesting in your professional relationships…you are “forced”. Hmmm Always interesting!

The relationship holds a key! How do you relate to your relationships? Well, the best place to start is with your Self. A perfect paradigm shift for you is to accept that before you got here, the here is Earth, you wrote amazing contracts for your Self. You could consider these contracts as scripts.

Within each contract, you scripted out your roles and the roles of everyone who came into your life, who crossed your path, signed a mutual but not always mutually agreeable contract. Each has their assigned profiles as you have your own profiles. Yes, plural! You are not one single profile, you are many “things” to many people. Isn’t this a Belief Systems, b.s. of Duality to have so many labels! WOW, this is a very heavy duty burdensome idea that you have too many things for many people. That’s Duality, divide your Self up among some other people’s idea of who you are! And you wonder why you get confused. You have so many roles to play in your contract/scripts. Remember….hmmmmm…they wrote you in their contracts/scripts. Remember they got divided and confused also!

In Duality your contracts/scripts that YOU are supposed to fulfill hold some sort of karmic lessons. B.S. Your life is NOT supposed to painful, hurtful, and repeatable. This is Duality! You scripted all these people and events in your life (lives) in so many multiple profiles for you to get through all this karma, lesson, and reincarnation contracts to the end of your life and lifetimes in the depowering resonance…the low based frequency and vibration of “hoping and wishing” that you will accomplish all your karmic punishments, lessons and re-do contracts to Free your Self. Ask your Self how many lifetimes does it take? Oops as Brittney Spear sings. “Oops, I did it again!” This is Duality contract traps of do-overs!

In this book, we are not going to discuss all the dysfunctional Profiles within the Duality traps. We will do this in another e-book! We are going to give you some insights, some tools, and some new ways to “see” that all of these Duality Relationships can be changed. It does not mean you have to cut anyone out of your life, though you can if the relationship is complete, you are done with those profiles. In the moment of Conscious Agreement with your Self, you are done with your own profiles that do not serve you anymore.

You can take your Self out of the contracts as you change not only the contracts but you are writing new scripts that empower your Self to be the amazingly creative person that you are. You can not create! From the minute you get up to the moment you go to bed, you are creating your life and in the night you are creating your dreams and/or nightmares.

As you empower your Self, cancel the non-productive contracts, you begin to feel lighter and freer! Why? Because… you are ridding your Body of the physical heaviness, the density of the Duality contracts. In metaphysics, they call this the light body. You are physically lighter. You have dumped the dense physicality of your emotions and all the people you are carrying in your shoulders, your body, freeing your Soul and Spirit to immerge from the dark density of the Duality Programs of limitations and do-over contacts…difference times, different genders, different times lines, different stages in your scripts! You are freeing your Self from Duality to get your life and power back!


In these moments you have the opportunities that you are clearly and consciously creating to write dynamic, productive, and heartness connected relationships personally and professionally. Emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and financial…these five words mean the same thing. Out of Duality, you are FREE. You Create Your Life optimally!

You are taking all the people out of their boxes, taking off the labels that you put on their boxes, and freeing them from the dysfunctional contracts. As you are doing this, you are taking your Self out of their boxes and deleting the labels that have been put on you. Everyone is being freed!

As an example, I have canceled a contract with a niece. It doesn’t mean I am not her aunt biologically or she is not my niece biologically. I am out of her box as her aunt and she is out of my box of being a niece. Now we can be two women in a clear relationship connecting heart to heart. We can talk about life. We are not confined in the contractual boxes of family and all the baggage that may come with the old contract. Now we can be friends, enjoy each other, have deeper conversations, and honor each other as women.

Deep Friendship and appreciation of each other and each other’s similarities and differences without the interference of the past, the biology, and the Duality programming of how we are “supposed” to act with each other as aunt and niece. Duality is the Separation Relationship Program keeping each other from connecting at the deepest levels of consciousness with each other and our own self!

This is the advent of Clear Conscious Agreements. These agreements are not influenced or affected by the past in any way. “Knowing at my deepest knowing I cannot change the past..it is one second ago. I can change the future and it is one second from now.” My niece and I are connected in unconditional love, free to be our own Selves. We are connected through Heartness, Allness, and Connectedness! A free and empowering relationship!

These are Freedom Agreements. Freeing each other from past perceptions of who we thought each other was or is! Perception is the Reception and Deception of our Conception! All B.S. In Clear Agreements, we have perspective. We “see” each other for who we are. Who we are not, who cares. The care is here in the moment because we are connected by heartness, through our Clear Conscious Agreement. We can even agree to disagree and not get all bent out of shape with Duality’s Judgment Programs from our past contracts!

In Clear Conscious Agreements we do not have to worry that we are not understood. We consciously COMPREHEND that our Selves and everyone involved in a Clear Conscious Agreement are here for each other, without the “wanty-needy” fixer, disabling enabler profile running. Free to be ME and Free to be in Real Relationships without the dysfunctional contracts getting in the way.

The Advent of Heartness Connections

“Growth is diversity….the no growth is a waste of valuable time.”

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