The old paradigm talks about re-incarnation as the repeat of Karma and Lesson from lifetime to lifetime. Repeated dysfunctional patterns are re-incarnated in this lifetime…over and over again. The most repeated dysfunctional patterns occur in relationships whether they are romantic or not. These relationships can be family, friends, perceived enemies, co-workers, bosses, and any type of authority figure.  These sometimes repeated dysfunctional relationship patterns are learned behavior from infancy through adult life.  

These patterns become embedded at the cellular level of consciousness. Because you may not have a reference point of anything being different you will learn to include a particular dysfunctional relationship pattern as normal. Most times you may not consciously be aware.  Even when you are aware you still don’t know how to change these patterns.  Addictions are exactly this.  You know the addiction is dysfunction, but you will continue the addiction, knowing full well it is negatively impacting your life. You recreate this pattern over and over again, reincarnating it through your life. 

These embedded patterns become the behaviors that you learn to “think” are real.  Whether they are real or not is not always the issue.  The real issue is are you holding on to these energy-draining, power-depleting patterns as your real reality?  This is what is the concern is.  Do dysfunctional behavior patterns that are re-incarnated throughout this lifetime have to keep you trapped?  This is the big question to ask your Self.  The answer is they don’t.  You can’t change any of the past, but you can change your future in the minute you choose to let go of the Belief System of dysfunction reincarnation. Dysfunctional reincarnation is only a Belief System.  It does not have to be your reality.

Each day is another opportunity to wake up and say to your Self… “Today, I will wake up and incarnate this day as I choose it.  I will not re-incarnate the dysfunctional pattern of addiction, victim, not good enough, not worthy, not valuable, not being lovable.  I release all the not’s so they can not tie me up in the knots and make me sick anymore.  I choose to incarnate each day as my day to live my life consciously.  This is my life.”

How powerful is this… make the commitment to your Self to release the old paradigm of re-incarnation.  Embrace each day as a day to incarnate your life. Incarnate means to.. “come to life”, “embody”, “to bring into material form”, personified.”  Getting the picture?  Begin to personify your own life.  Take charge of what you bring to life in your life.  This is your life.  Trust your intuition, your gut feeling.  Open your Heart to your Self.  Live through your Heart.  Get totally involved in your life… incarnate your days!

“If you don’t like what is happening in your life, then STOP!
Create a new happening that you like!”
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