The most powerful position you can have in your life right here right now is being the Non-Emotional Observer.  When you detached from the traumas and the dramas throughout your life, you can see from this Non-Emotional Observer perspective that you Self-Created all of the “it’s” in which you got involved.  How absolutely delicious…sometimes not so much!  

From this observing standpoint, you are literally rising above all the emotional backlash and trauma drama from the past or in your current situation.  From a clear perspective and vantage point by sticking to the facts, without all your judgments, self-judgments included,  and recognizing your emotional attachments to your past situations:  individuals, jobs, personal and professional relationships, you know all the stuff… you now give your Self the opportunities to  “see”  the humor though irritating, how some of your trauma dramas outshined the writers of soap operas.  

Yes, for sure It takes a lot of determination and courage to recognize your part in your current and past situations.  Never said it was easy at first.  Yet the more you practice and implement being NEO, Non-Emotional Observer, the easier, healthier and more productive your life becomes.  

When you are in the full-blown emotional circumstances of a past event or situation,  you absolutely cannot see or even have the ability to listen to anything that is going on around you.  You are swirling around from the inside out, stuck in an emotional tornado that is throwing you around like a rag doll.  In these dramatic moments, there is no way you can see or even  “hear” what is really going on of what you are projecting to your “outside” world.  When you are in any victim program from the past or in your current situation, you have lost your power, you are recycling non-productive behavior that zaps your energy, lowers your immune system and you can simply get sick. 

“Life is not a Reflection of you… Your Life is a Projection of you.”   Sherryism

Your only “salvation” what this really means is that… you are solving your emotional attachment(s) to a current experience or to previous traumas from the past …at your ION or at the origination point at your Cellular level (ION).  How does a solution or solutions really occur?  From your NEO.  the Non-Emotional Observer- NEO viewpoint, you are creating your resolution(s)… resolving at your deepest core Cellular or ION level of your Beingness,  by agreeing with your Self on all levels of your consciousness, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial, that you will no longer tolerate being a victim of any Duality Belief System, B.S.  which limit you or take away your power.  

You make the commitment to your Self that you are worthy, you have worth… you are valuable and you have value.  You are choosing not to be stuck in your current or past dysfunctional situations embedded at your ion/cellular level by stepping into this powerful position of the Non-Emotional Observer.  You have to observe your Self first.  You can’t detach from the current or past emotions, the relationships, the situations until you are willing to stick to the facts.

As you release your Self from the past or current emotional hooks of the circumstances, embrace observing your Self.  The Magic happens. You energize your Self, you become alive and you FREE your Self from the unchangeable past.  You are in charge of your current moments.  You become consciously involved in how you are creating your life.  You are becoming POWERFUL! 

As the rational Non-Emotional Observer you can get the facts Now you can see how everyone, including your Self, participated in all your non-productive experiences and situations.  You can let go of any personal blame, shame or guilt.  You did the best and worst you could with what you knew and didn’t know.  It was mostly what you didn’t know!  This is the same for the others in your life.  

As we said, it is a challenge to let go of experiences that are so not explainable.  Abuse of any kind is not acceptable.  Yes, what happened happened!   Now in this moment, as you become NEO – Non- Emotional Observer, you will, believe it or not, understand and comprehend that you cannot waste any more moments allowing the dysfunctional past, trauma dramas or abuse of any kind to continue to impact your current life. 

You deserve to take back your power.  You deserve to have a life that is productive.  You deserve to laugh. You deserve to be fully participatory in your life.  You deserve not to have any dysfunctional experiences from you past affect your life, your creativity and your relationships in your life now. No matter what happened, the past is so over.  It is time to move in any and all directions which serve you, which support you and which honor your life. 

Your Non-Emotional Observer position is your ticket out of the trauma drama theatre, off the soap opera stage.  You are in charge of creating a new personalized script that best serves you and your life.  It is so Time to release all the whats, the who’s, the where’s and the why’s that have held you back.  There is no point in re-living, re-traumatizing or re-inacting the same scripts, the same repeated situations and especially the same reoccurring relationships.  Be done with the Do-Overs!!!

Yes, this is the time of NEO.   Embrace your Non-Emotional Observer.   You are alive…SO LIVE!


You  Free Your Self From Duality

You expand and increase your frequency and vibration of aliveness

You experience deeper connections in your relationships

You become more multifaceted in your Self-created experiences

You engage in life more productively

You are healthy

The  Great News  as you Become the Observer:

The Observer does not require…

Lessons, Karma or Re-Incarnation, the Re-Do’s

The Observer sees

The Choices of Participation

The Observer sees

The Potential and Possibilities 

The Observer creates

The Manifested Actualizations of His or Her’s creations

The Observer creates

The experiences that bring growth to you

The Observer actualizes

The evolution of your Wholeness

The Observer

The Master within you


“If you are searching for your Self, the search is over, look inside not outside of you.”

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