As the holidays approach, this may be the best time to consider what “it” is all about anyway? With the changes that have happened, this season could be our chance to connect with each other at much deeper levels than ever before. We could collectively focus on the ending of this year as a completion of a difficult cycle of problems that have affected everyone, one way or another.  Challenges, permeated with fear, have held so many from moving forward. Because of all of the known and the unknown turmoil, masses of individuals and families from all walks of life,  have been affected to the very cores of their safety and security, emotionally and financially.

Tumultuous states of internal and external personal and professional inconsistencies have permeated the news. The media reports every day the dire consequences drawn across all professions, businesses and the country itself.  Everyone has been affected by these insecure winds of changes.  Stability seems to be a thing of the past. With all that has happened, all have been faced with putting your best faces forward while being faced with some of the most personal and professional economic difficulties.

As this year draws to a close, the bright light ahead of us is a New Year.  With focused ingenuity, drawing from the deepest levels of creativity and connecting from the heart, all the potentials and possibilities to make conscious changes individually and collectively can determine productive outcomes for 2020.  Working together, not in competition, but in valued relationships, a new team effort of our collective focus to support each other from a grass roots place of change, will establish a new constructive paradigm.  By coming together, productive changes, one positive step at a time, can initiate new life experiences from the ground up.  Working in cooperation with each other, starting with this holiday season can provide everyone an opportunity to re-think what do the holidays really mean?

This holiday make it much more than focusing on material things.  Make it about being with family, friends and even business associates… and coming from the heart. Even the data of scientific research substantiates that the heart or Heart Chakra has the highest vibration and frequency of any area of the body.  Utilizing this exceptional vibration and frequency of our hearts, let’s put aside the fears, get connected with each other this holiday.  Focus on the real gifts… the connected relationships and friendships, they are not for sale in a store. See what amazing experiences we can contribute to each other this holiday.  Let’s initiate a new kind of beginning for 2020. A heart based collective consciousness can create the difference to change the circumstances of our current past. Let’s be proactive and begin a grass roots paradigm shift, beginning with the prosperity of supportive, successful relationships both personally and professionally. How could it happen?   The change begins with you, and you and you….

Sherry Anshara

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Business Coach
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