Head games, the continuing continuous continuum game you play inside your head.  Your head is a computer!!!  Your head is a computer filled with programs.  Your head is full of conversations with a programmed computer computing what you “should”, “would” or “could” do if you weren’t you!  Good Grief!  Yes, your head is the computer that gives you grief.  

When you thinky thinky too much life gets too much. Everyone and everything around you seems “too much”.  There is an unreasonable reason for this.  When you are thinking are re-thinking too much you can not connect to your reasonable heart.  Your heart does not have to reason with unconditional love.  Your heart does not have to reason with your unreasonable computer brain.  Your heart only knows how to love. 

When you are expressing frustration, upset, anger, the whole computer brain stuff, your heart, and your body cannot do what is made to do…that is to enjoy life, to enjoy the holidays and to be in-joy of being alive.  When you live in your heart and not your computer brain, you are joy-filled, you are enjoying each and every day of your journey.

Your heart knows what to do to live a full-filled life. Your computer brain only knows it is full of stuff that is not significant nor does it process what has significance to you. The trick is using your computer brain as a tool to process information.. input in…input out!  When the information from outside sources has no significance to you…dump it!  This is called input out!  Get rid of those overthinking, over-processing junk food of information and stop eating all that crap that has no significance to your life.

Stay in your heart.  It is easy that you can “think”.  If you think you can not be in your heart!  Your heart is so intelligent.  Your brain is only a computer that is not so intelligent if you keep thinking about stuff that is so irrelevant. ONLY USE YOUR BRAIN AS THE TOOL IT IS DESIGNED FOR PROCESSING WHETHER THE INFORMATION IS USEFUL OR NOT!! If the information is not useful, why allow it to take up computer space in your head.

YOUR HEART IS YOUR BRAIN.  LISTEN TO YOUR HEART AND FOLLOW THE INTELLIGENCE OF YOUR HEART!  Enjoy the meaning of the holidays and the meaning of whole days, connect to your Self through your heart, connect to others through your heart.  How easy is this?  Your Heart is where it is!!!

“No more hollow daze… Stay in your heart for a Holiday filled with Heart Days!”

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