Truth?  What the heck is the truth?  Better yet…what is Your Truth?  How about for a moment you reflect back, look back, review, return to those times that you in this current time, regret and/or perhaps judge your Self for being stupid, dumb or OMG how could I have done that?  

Well, how about getting out of the Self-judgment mindset and considering that what you did, what happened, how you participated wasn’t really an act of stupidity at all.  Perhaps the element of confusion, being extremely emotional, not having all the facts led you to some crazy behaviors back in those times!

Now looking at these challenging times, not as tests, lessons, or some convoluted idea that you had to have these weird, strange, or irritating experiences in order to learn that this experience was simply not a fault of yours at all.  Could it be that the real facts were you did not have the facts at all?

Through these other eras of your experiences, you were simply influenced by the “collective” ideas of those ages and stages in which you lived?  Here is something to consider…just looking at the “collective” Duality Belief Systems of these particular times or time lines, contemplate, without emotions, these short descriptions of these particular eras.  

Whether you were born, lived through, or were influenced by your parents or grandparents, all these eras had particular Belief Systems that influenced these particular times.  Believe it or not, they did.  Whether here in the US or anywhere in the world, these Duality limited Belief Systems permeated the eras throughout “his”story or even “her” story!

Through these Time Lines, a collective thought process prevailed.

1950’s If you don’t talk about “it”, “it” doesn’t exist… called pretend!

1960’s Confusion, three separate influences:  for the Vietnam War

Not sure about the War, Ant War… Protesting the Belief Systems

1970’s Turn out and Turn on… the Drug Culture Anti-establishment

1980’s The Me Generation… Greed is Good, Excess, Big Hair Big Everything

1990’s The end of an era, Prelude to The End, not sure how or why

2000’s Chaotic, confusion, seeking stability and constancy

Current time Fear and “con”trol all over the board globally family, politically

The realization is that each and every decade through the time lines, all had their particular group or “collective” thought processes, belief systems and foundations in which everyone had to fit or else.  The “Or Elses” were the punishments, the exclusions, the rejections, the isolations that everyone fears.  Comply to fit in.  Don’t comply and what is wrong with you???

Yet what was happening deep within a person, you for instance, or maybe some you knew, who danced, walked, ran to a different beat than the collective ideas or resonances said this is how life is.  You must comply!  Yet you or someone you knew, did not fit.  He or she or they could not comply. They were outcasts, crazy, different, or whatever label could be assigned to them.

YOU MUST COMPLY.  You are different, a weirdo, something or other!!!

In these current times compliancy can set you or someone else into a place of participation that is not the Truth!  This compliancy to fit in, do the “right’ thing, fall into line is the Consequences that may not be in alignment with your Truth or your own inner resonance of Non Duality consciousness.  I certainly can relate all throughout my life! 

Just prior to this time line, all these other so-called resonances of these Duality Belief Systems had an affect, effect and even an infect on the populace at large globally, individually and collectively!  Though these may seem a very simplified explanation or description of these time lines, the more simplified something is, the better to understand and comprehend what is happening.  

And the best part, the better you comprehend how these collective Duality Belief Systems influence life and lives locally, nationally, and globally, the clear, more focused, more directed, and created your own life is.  Now more than ever because of technology and the ways to communicate, avenues to “con”trol you and/or everyone is much easier.

However, because of technology and the unlimited ways to communicate both with your Self and with others is also a bonus.  Your inner natural technology is your Intuition.  Your intuition is your natural innate ability to DISCERN and make clear conscious choices of what is your Truth.  The flip side is what will be your consequences when you don’t follow your Truth and you make “con”trolled decision determined for you by the collective Duality Belief Systems of this current time line.    

To discern what is correct for you or not, are now your 2021 and upcoming 2022 time lines that will definitely make the differences for you.  The results are either Your Truth or the untruthful consequences that will influence how you live, how you create your life, and most importantly, the impact on the health of you and your body.  How will this next decade be for you?  

Conscious discernment is your choice.  Heading in the direction of the New Earth, which is created by being a Conscious Non-Duality YOU are the results of clear conscious choices…c c c or see see see said by the “no more blinded Duality person”.  The New Earth does not have the resonance of Duality.

What amazing opportunities you and all of us, individually and collectively have as we can create this New Earth together.  Truth and No more Duality Consequences!!!  

Dare to be YOU!

“Truth is in your Heart and Intuition…Lies lie within your left programmed computer brain!”

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